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3 Super Tips for Easier Substance Abuse Recovery


Recovery from substance abuse is of utmost necessity for any addict. Substance abuse in itself is a scourge that affects all members of society. All classes, genders, races are susceptible to this vice. Recovery from addiction is not always quite as simple as the addict intends it to be. Years of substance use may lead to a physical dependence on them that may prove difficult to break at first. However, with time and sometimes with professional help, recovery is usually possible. The following are a number of tips on how to better manage recovery from substance addiction. (1)

Find Meaning Elsewhere

Another way to aid recovery from substance abuse addiction is the building of meaningful life outside addiction. Sometimes an addict will relapse and slip back to his harmful lifestyle because life in addiction is all he knows. To avoid this, a sufferer of substance addiction should participate in activities that give him joy and satisfaction. Oftentimes, these activities are old hobbies and passions. 
Exercise is a healthy distraction. Spending time in nature is also another helpful way to distract from substance abuse. In order to make user interactions that may assist in his recovery, a substance addict may be encouraged to take part in community-based activities. These provide a useful distraction and keep one among the company that does not encourage substance use or abuse.

Avoid the Usual Hang-outs and Enablers

One very effective method of substance abuse recovery is to avoid substance cravings and triggers. This is done by avoiding the usual haunts and places where the substance may be obtained. For alcoholics, this means avoiding the pub or the local bar that you would normally visit. Even if one has no intention of having a drink, the feelings that this places, as well as the company, usually trigger feelings too difficult to resist. Many an addict succumbs to the cravings and before they know it, they are back in the same hole they were keen to escape. 
In order to keep these cravings at bay, a recovering addict should avoid the people he previously abused substances with. For example, a recovering alcoholic addict should give his brain time to recover and rebuild the connections that were rewired after years of substance abuse. As such, he should surround himself with positive people who will support his sobriety and not encourage him to go back to his old ways. 

You Can’t Always Do It Alone

Do not hesitate to reach out to other people. It is not always easy to beat substance addiction on your own. Responsible members of society may be called to aid in the recovery process. Such members include reliable members of your family or trusted friends who are not liable to encourage a relapse. Professionals like counsellors may also be called upon to assist in substance abuse recovery. Meeting up regularly with other recovering addicts has also proven to be beneficial to them. This helps them understand that they too can achieve sobriety if they desire to do so. 

That said, one should always remember that to relapse is quite normal. No one said the road to sobriety was easy. One should always keep a strong mind and be willing to forge ahead…