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3 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence


Confidence is a tricky thing. If it is nurtured right, it can take you to the top of the world, and show you the extent of human achievement. If, however, it is pricked, it can drag you to the darkest pits of the world, and expose you to the depths of human misery.

Depending on how you wield it.

This is something every individual has to struggle with at least once in his/her lifetime.

Low self-esteem, dejection, and absolute faithlessness regarding one’s true potential.

I know I have had my fair share of it. Nevertheless, each time, I’ve come out more empowered than before, and in control of myself. You just have to understand that it is only a state of mind, which can be conquered and turned around for the better. So, hang tight, and follow the three crucial confidence-boosting tips I’ve gathered for your convenience, below. They have proven to be quite effective so far.

Break the Chain of Comparisons

Measuring yourself with a yardstick of ‘comparisons’ is more toxic to your essential being than anything else. You are YOU. Not Bill Gates, not Rihanna, not your class topper, not your next-door Olympic-champion neighbor, and certainly not your favorite Avengers character from the Infinity Saga series, you might’ve order on-demand from your reliable Cox services. You are YOU.

Unique, incomparable, and full of wonders.

So, stop belittling your abilities by hankering after the achievements of others. When you look in the mirror, see your true reflection and own it. Recognize your being for what it really is, and estimate it on the level that it deserves. Break off the chains of comparison and come out of other people’s shadows. Open up to your flaws, be proud of who you are, assert yourself where needed, and walk with your head held high. Treat yourself to lavishness, and gradually, desensitize yourself to rejection by accepting yourself wholly. This is the real secret, after all.

Step out of your Comfort Zone

You’ve always feared taking risks, right? Do you know why? Because you, like everyone else, are used to the safety of your comfort zone. However, a thing about this zone is that it does not really allow growth. At all. It only suffocates your self-confidence and prevents you from actualizing your true potential. Is that how you want to spend your entire life? Under the shadow of fear? No.

Life is an endless adventure that demands participation for rendering a fruitful result.

So, after you’ve taken the first step out of the door, confront what terrifies you. Do something you’re afraid of every single day. Desensitize yourself to fear. Conquer heights, dive into the oceans, and trek through the desert. This thrill will induce a huge amount of confidence in you. Trust in your potential to come out of it alive. Believe in your abilities to make the best of whatever circumstances life throws at you. Be free. Be fearless.

Give More and Receive More

Confidence goes hand in hand with compassion. One of the best ways to boost your self-confidence while staying in tune with your softer side is by extending a hand of help to others. Once you aid someone in their times of need, you will feel a lightness in your soul. A utility. Relevancy. Thereby, you will become attuned to your purpose in life, and have something to be proud of. In short, volunteer in social works as much as you can.

So, don’t wait an eternity under the duress of low self-esteem. Instead, try the aforementioned tips to resurrect your self-confidence, and live life up to its fill.