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3 Things You Can Do Before Hiring An App Developer

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You have a great mobile app idea, and you know that it’s going to turn you into a millionaire! So what should you do? Well, hire react native developers and get your mobile app done, right?

Not really. You need to do a couple of things before you contact your app developer, and we’ll cover them all in this blog post.

3 things you can do before hiring an app developer

1) Talk with your future buyers

The first thing you need to understand before making your mobile app is who will use it. Talking with your future buyers is a crucial step that you necessarily should do before you start developing your app. It will help you create an app that will be the best seller from the very start.

Here’s why this step matters. Let’s say you’re developing an app for cooking that suggests fun recipes to the users each day. However, it turns out that your potential users want to get also the calories and the nutritional values of all the ingredients. Moreover, they would love an app that would suggest recipes from the ingredients that they already have at their home.

When you know all these details, you start to change your app accordingly to match your users’ needs better. So instead of learning it the hard way, by designing an app and then changing it according to users’ feedback, you can learn the feedback right from the very beginning.

2) Start sketching your app

Another thing you should do before you contact your developer is sketching your app. Having merely an idea of an app is one thing, and having a sketch and a plan of it is completely different.

It’s great that you want to develop a cooking app, but how will it look? Have you already imagined what types of functions it will have? Do you have a preferred design in mind?

Try to sketch your mobile app and understand what you want to include before you hire react native developers. You can also skim through Pinterest or other platforms to find inspiration and download the styles you’d want your app design to have.

And when we say sketching, we don’t mean that you should get a pen and paper and draw your app from scratch. No, you could also create a mood board or simply a presentation where you would have all your ideas and inspirations in one place.

3) Skim through the developers’ portfolio

Once you’ve talked with your future buyers and already have sketched the idea of your mobile app, it is time to find the right app developer. This is not an easy task because there are hundreds of mobile app developers offering their freelance services, and it is hard to understand who is better.

So firstly, start to look for developers on freelance platforms. Of course, if your friend or acquaintance has referred to you as a good developer, your job is way easier because you merely need to talk to that person and explain your project.

However, not everyone is that lucky. If you have no freelance developers in your circle, the next logical step is to look for them on the online platforms. Scroll through the list of app developers, and when you find someone who seems to have enough work experience and a reasonable pay rate, visit his profile.

The next thing to do is to skim through their portfolios. Look at the works he has completed. First, try to figure out what is the level of difficulty of those projects. Were they easy ones or comparatively complicated ones? If you think your mobile app is a pretty hard task, try to hire only those who already have experience working with such projects.

When you’ve figured that out too, try to understand whether his style matches the one you have in mind. You don’t want, for instance, to hire a developer who has only worked on game apps before and has no idea how the cooking app would work.

And finally, find a developer who has good reviews. You want to be sure that others before you have already been satisfied with his work.

When all of these steps are done, you are ready to hire react native developers and finally turn your brilliant app idea into reality.