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3 Tips for Those Considering Therapy


Therapy is a great option for anyone who’s having a difficult time with some aspect of their life. Whatever you may be dealing with, there is a therapist out there who has gone through years of training to figure out the best way to help. Therapists can offer tips for coping and a plan to help people get to the place they want to be mental. Here are some things to consider if you are looking into giving therapy a shot.

Work out your schedule prior

Make some time for therapy and for yourself. It is crucial that you learn to treat your mental health like any other health issue. Practising good mental health should be like eating well and exercising well. Mental health is for everyone, even if you don’t currently have a pressing issue. Your mind and body should both be healthy, which is why making time for therapy is like scheduling a physical at the doctor! Make sure to think of your mental health in this way and encourage others to do so as well. Speaking to your family and friends about this topic is worthwhile, so long as you feel comfortable with it. Tell them you have decided to make time for your mental health in the near future.

Figure out a time that works for you and contact a therapist at a place like Therapy Group of NYC to see what spots they have available. Group therapy practices can more easily work with your schedule and they can often give you multiple appointments and treatment options.

Work on yourself outside of therapy

Therapy takes more than simply showing up to your appointments. When thinking of therapy, make time for practising the exercises you learn in your everyday life. Make time to journal and reflect on your experience. You can’t expect your therapist to do everything for you — they are here to help you hold yourself accountable. It will be amazing to realize you have made a habit of new healthy mental health practices you learned in therapy.

Even if it means using your daily commute to work as your reflection time, do it! Taking the time you have and using it positively will elevate your therapy experience. 

Share your thoughts and concerns

Take time to talk with others about your journey as well, if you feel the environment is right for it (but never feel like you’re obligated to do so). Creating a forthcoming narrative will open up the minds of your family and friends about therapy. They might realize that they want to be in a better place as well. Therapy is a positive form of treatment for many people, and it should be openly discussed — you never know who else could benefit from therapy in your life. Others close to you could also be struggling and hearing someone they trust to discuss their positive experience might help them take the initiative they need to become their best self.

Nobody is perfect, so it’s also great to communicate when you aren’t happy with yourself or are having a hard time. Speaking with your friends and family about your experience can help you reflect and see what you need to do to make tomorrow better. Therapy helps you learn how to deal with setbacks and realize that failing is okay.

This will also help remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Mental health is for everyone; if you are having issues committing to therapy, think about your goals in life. Think about how much easier they will be to accomplish with a clear head. Take a chance and you won’t regret your decision to proactively take care of your mental health.