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30 Things That Only People With Anxiety Issues Will Understand


Everyone can get nervous or frightened about life from time to time. While some people dread public speaking or close encounters with unknown people, others tend to continuously burden their mind with never-ending confusing thoughts. It’s an unavoidable part of our lives.

But how can we tell when basic anxiety has crossed the fine line into an anxiety disorder?

When it comes down to anxiety attacks as a medical diagnosis, it’s not easy at all. Depending on each case, for some people, it can become an endless excruciating battle between one’s thoughts and it can take over their entire life as they know it.

People who suffer from an anxiety disorder, experience it on a different, more painful and traumatic level such as panic attacks, social anxiety, or constant phobia.

If you wish to get the slightest hint of what it feels like inside of the mind of an anxious person, scroll down and take a look at the 30 things that only people with anxiety issues will understand:

1. Your brain is always working and overthinking. The downside of this is that you have no idea how to turn it off.

2. Seeing a group of people laughing and immediately wondering if they laugh at you.

3. Taking more time out of your schedule to do a simple task just because your thoughts are creating a daunting madness in your head.

4. Not getting a reply to your message within 5 minutes leaves you sweating with agitation.

5. Public speeches are your biggest nightmare, leave you distressed and nervous before, during and after it.

6. You are always questioning your choices and over-analyze everything no matter how big of a deal it was.

7. Meeting new people should be an enjoyable experience, but it isn’t.

8. The moment when a person leans forward and goes in for a handshake.

9. You worry about being a huge burden on the people you love.

10. Whenever you send an email, the thought that you might send it to a wrong person is here to agonize you for a long time.

11. The anxious feeling when none of your friends replies to the group chat.

12. The constant pressure of possibly making a horrible mistake whenever you make a decision.

13. Observing how close to you someone sat on the subway and quietly freaking out.

14. Never feeling peaceful.

15. Whenever you overhear someone’s success, you can’t help but madly question yourself if you chose your best life possibilities.

16. Hearing any kind of sound in your house, makes your hair stand on end and piles up thoughts that you might end up getting killed.

17. The feeling of doing anything in public makes your palms sweaty.

18. The terrifying feeling when you are about to make that little talk with your crush.

19. Having to pick up the phone for any reason whatsoever.

20. Over-questioning every action, every person, every little thing.

21. Randomly seeing a person you know walking towards you.

22. Constantly fearing you’ll sleep through your 10 alarms and miss something very important.

23. You feel like watching a fun movie, but instead, you end up worrying if you ever find someone who’ll understand you.

24. Trying a food you’ve never tried before and convincing yourself you’ll eventually experience a fatal food allergy.

25. If someone doesn’t accept your Facebook request right away, it means they hate you.

26. The unbearable fear of spontaneity and the unknown.

27. Watching someone walk very close to you on the subway and getting freaked out he might push you on the tracks.

28. Restricting yourself from certain TV shows because you often relate to them.

29. Misunderstanding people who have their best intentions.

30. The only thing you ultimately wish is to somehow stop worrying, but you can’t.

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