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30 Ways To Make Love – And No, This Has Nothing To Do With Making Love


It is that time of the year again – it’s the New Year’s resolutions time! Grab your chance now and make a U-turn of your life. Start making sure you’re your own NR.1 priority! Practice some self-love and respect! Be more powerful than ever and shine in 2017!

Here’s how you do it, in 30 amazingly simple ways, inspired by well-known blogger Mark Chernoff that can really change you and your perception of the world.

 1. Accept criticism – try to accept different opinions about yourself – some people will like you, others will not. There will always be someone who is critical of you. Don’t take it too personally, focus on those who admire you and do what you need to do.  

2. Appreciate little things – start enjoying your morning coffee or tea, talking to your best friend when you need a shoulder to cry on, take a brisk walk, enjoy a beautiful sunset etc. Or buy that new coat that you saw the other day in your favorite shop?!

3. Appreciate your body more – think of your body like a machine: all its parts need to be functional! Honor and respect your body and be aware of what it does for you daily! Every time before bedtime, rub your body with a good body lotion, pamper it a bit!

4. Be forgiving – no matter how hurt you were at a certain point in life, you need to let go of that pain and learn how to forgive. Forgiveness cleanses our souls so ditch the resentment and your pain will gradually disappear too!

5. Be(friend) – Be your best friend, not your enemy. Have inner conversations, self-reflect. Surround yourself with positive people who will help you to remember how beautiful you are as a person. Associate with people who encourage you to improve.  Dance, cry, smile, plan, enjoy life and grow spiritually together! Also, choose new friends that you can learn from and who inspire you!  Appreciate new friends by their actions and not their words and promises! Remember, your friends reflect who you are!

6. Be genuine – work on your own ideas, be a true inspiration to yourself and don’t imitate others, rather respect your own individuality and beauty.

7. Be happy – smile more! Don’t wait for your happiness to happen later in the future, create it by enjoying now. Find happiness within; don’t wait for your partner to make you happy! What is more, don’t give your partner the power to make you feel unhappy just because they’re feeling bad or grumpy!

8. Be honest – be absolutely honest and true to yourself. Don’t handle the truth selectively. See what aspects of your life need to be changed. Also be honest about your current state of mind, plans, ambitions or even your weaknesses. Work on them to improve them, and so become the best version of yourself in the future!

9. “Beat” yourself! – some of us like to compete with others. That’s wrong! Why? It’s a waste of energy and time. The only person you should compete with or beat in something is the old version of YOU! This will bring the sense of inspiration, progress and personal development. Start competing against an earlier version of yourself. 

10. Be helpful – help people in distress. Look around, perhaps your neighbor needs help or comfort?! Volunteer in your local community. We all surely could use more kindness in our lives! Start helping those around you. 

11. Be inspired / inspiring – how many times did you think nicely of a person but didn’t really bother to compliment them on their looks or behavior? Next time, dare to give them a compliment, show inspiration – they will appreciate it and you will feel better too! Be inspired by others and happy for their success. Their positive examples might brush off! Start cheering for other people’s achievements.

12. Be optimistic and grateful – choose to see the world as beautiful and positive, especially perceive beauty within. Try to write a gratitude journal. Keeping things in perspective helps us feel grateful for what we already have in our life.

13.  Brush up your self-confidence – work on your self-confidence daily! How, you might wonder? Read and learn new things, follow webinars, watch videos on personal self-development or motivation!   

14.  Compare not – don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is unique. Inspire yourself by own uniqueness and try to be an inspiration to others instead. Especially don’t compare yourself to your friends via social media – live your life for real, leave the virtual life behind!  

15. Count your blessings, not your weaknesses – if you are treated badly or you feel hurt, you have two choices:  you can be bitter or you can be better off. The best is to use such experiences to become a better person. Use your pain as your life teacher. Your weaknesses will offer you growth opportunities.

16. Create new relations – some relations that we have are stale and without any positive energy so why not get rid of them?! Especially if you are involved with emotional leaches! After all, new relations bring new inspirations!

17. Dance more – even if you’re not really a dancing type, practice some dancing occasionally, whether with your friends in the club, or when alone at home, in front of your mirror! Dancing will raise your energy level and create positive vibrations so have a small dance ritual every Friday when you come home – end each week with a little weekend dance! 

18. De-stress more – when at work, take short breaks more often (not behind your computer though!) or have a nice walk in the park. Take a hot relaxing bath or read a book when at home. Or watch a funny movie with friends – this all can help you to de-stress! And no, your telephone or hanging out on social media don’t count as remedies against stress J

19.  Disregard opinions of others – don’t worry about what other people think of you. The only opinion that counts is yours!

20.  Don’t be afraid – love your fears critically. However, don’t in advance focus on irrational fears by imagining all the terrible things that could possibly go wrong. Think positively, and you will live positively! 

21. Don’t control – many of us are control freaks to some extent. We want everything to be perfect and to go exactly as we’ve planned it! However, accept that you can’t control everything in life so focus only on things that you can control! This will take away your feelings of frustration and helplessness. Control your actions and deeds, that you surely can!

22. Dream more – remember your childhood dreams and how brave you were then to dream of becoming an astronaut, a scientist or anything else that you wished for, without any boundaries?!  So what happened to your dreams? Remind yourself of your past dreams – give another chance to your new inspiring ideas.

23. Eat properly – try to feel real hunger and eat only when you’re hungry instead of filling emotional voids. Don’t be tempted by cravings!  Use plenty of water, fruit and veggies.

24. Energize – only focus on things that give you positive energy. You can also energize with a good old relaxing bath or with some exercise.  

25. Enjoy the moment – Carpe diem or seize the moment, as they say! Don’t project your thoughts into the future but appreciate living in the current moment. Many people make this mistake – they wait for the right moment to become thin enough, rich enough, educated enough. The right time is now! So grab the moment, grab the opportunity right now!

26. Exercise regularly – weight loss or exercise regime should not be connected to your looks solely but to living a much healthier and balanced Sport at least 2-3 times per week, keep fit!

27. Face your problems – try to see challenges, not problems. When facing “problems”, analyze quickly, and take immediate action! Don’t procrastinate! And never let your “problems” define who you are as a person!

 28.  Learn more – try to learn a new thing every day or every month! Learn from others, let them learn from you.  Follow a course or an interesting local workshop. Adopt an attitude that you can learn from anyone, in every situation! Yu can even learn from your own child – the most important thing that you can learn is who you really are! Our children are great life teachers! 

29.  Love more – be polite, love yourself and others. Have love for people, nature, animals and little things that bring little pleasures in life!   

30. Set personal goals – planning is more than a half work done, they say! Try to define at least 3 important goals for the year to come. And take concrete action. Setting goals will mean more dedication and determination to succeed! So go for it! And of course, keep the sense of accountability for own life – after all, you are the creator!