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36 Scientific Facts You Won’t Believe Are True


What an amazing world we live in. No matter how hard we try to learn more about it, our little blue planet always has in store more mind-blowing secrets and phenomena that we have yet to fully understand.

Whether it is biology, science, history or culture and life in general, it will never cease to amaze us and to challenge us to unlock its incredible secrets.

Just check out this list of 36 jaw-dropping facts that you won’t believe are true:

Fun Biological Facts

  • Science says that each glass of water you drink contains at least one molecule of water that has once passed through the digestive system of a dinosaur. (Fact1)
  • Did you know that there is a bird that has the ability to fly backwards? It is the hummingbird. (Fact2)
  • The number of bacterial cells living on/in your body is 10 times greater than the number of human cells your body is composed of. (Fact3)
  • The fingerprints of a koala bear are so similar to the fingerprints of a human that they are almost indistinguishable even when studied under a microscope. (Fact4)
  • The Tardigrade (also referred to as the Water Bear) is considered to be the most resilient creature on our planet. It is capable of surviving the most extreme of conditions including permafrost, radiation and boiling temperatures. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this creature is that it can survive even the vacuum of space. (Fact5)
  • More time has passed between the period when Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus lived than between the period when Tyrannosaurus was extinct and humanity emerged. (Fact6)
  • Did you know that earthworms have five hearts? (Fact7)
  • A human child can easily swim through the arteries of a blue whale. (Fact8)
  • The similarity between human and banana DNA is a whooping 50%.(Fact9)
  • Honey never goes bad and you can literally keep it forever. (Fact10)

Interesting Physics Facts

  • Pluto did not complete a single revolution around the Sun between the period when it was first discovered and when it had lost its status as a planet. (Fact11)
  • One Venusian year is shorter than a single day on Venus. (Fact12)
  • Did you know that Titan – the largest moon of Saturn – has such a low gravity and such a dense atmosphere that you would be able to fly is if you had small wings attached on your arms? (Fact13)
  • One glass of water contains a greater number of molecules than the number of glasses we could fill of all of the Earth’s oceans put together. (Fact14)
  • Spacecraft do not travel in a straight line like most of us would imagine. A spacecraft fight path can best be described as a complex set of ellipses. (Fact15)
  • Large diamonds are literally raining down on Saturn and Jupiter all the time. (Fact16)
  • If we scale down the size of the Sun to a single human cell, by comparison, the Milky Way galaxy would be the size of the United States. (Fact17)
  • Theoretically, if you drilled a tunnel through the center of the Earth and decided to jump in it, you would emerge on the other side in about 42 minutes. (Fact18)

Interesting Geography and History Facts

  • The former border between East and West Germany is still visible from space because of the different kinds of light bulbs used in these regions. (Fact19)
  • Russia occupies a larger area than Pluto. (Fact20)
  • Ancient Egypt’s famous queen Cleopatra lived in an era that was closer to the time of the Moon landings than to the time of the pyramids. (Fact21)
  • You can still talk on your mobile phone on the summit of Mount Everest. (Fact22)
  • The infamous sinking of Titanic was ‘foretold’ 14 years before that tragic accident occurred in a novel about a ship carrying the same name which sank under strikingly similar circumstances. (Fact23)
  • No one knows for sure who invented the fire hydrant because the patent filed for this invention was lost, ironically, in a fire in 1836 (Fact24)
  • Neil Armstrong was actually asked to fill out immigration papers when he returned to Earth from his trip to the moon (Fact25)
  • Did you know that French was the official language of England for almost three hundred years? (Fact26)
  • Rome’s infamous emperor Caligula once ordered his soldiers to throw their spears into the water as an act of war against Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas. (Fact27)
  • Today, humanity takes more photos in just two minutes than it did in the entire 19th (Fact no.28)
  • The Ottoman Empire was still intact when the Warner Brothers film studio was first opened. (Fact29)

Fun Fact About Culture and Life

  • College dropout Steven Spielberg returned to finish his studies 34 years after quitting as a gesture of gratitude to his parents for giving him with a chance to get a college degree (Fact30)
  • A comprehensive exploration of any Wikipedia article’s cross-references and links would inevitably lead you to the subject of Philosophy. (Fact31)
  • A can of ordinary Coke will sink under water, whereas a can of Diet Coke will stay afloat. (Fact32)
  • If humans were capable of hearing noises under the 20Hz threshold, we would hear the noise that our muscles make while contracting. (Fact33)
  • One of every 10 Icelanders has or will publish a book during their lifetime. (Fact34)
  • 99% of the power consumed by a microwave is during standby mode, and just 1% during heating. (Fact35)
  • The Norwegian flag also depicts the flags of six other countries including Indonesia, Poland, Finland, Thailand, the Netherlands and France. (Fact no.36)

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