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4 Benefits Private Schools Can Offer You that Public Schools Can’t


It’s a debate that’s been going on for decades: is a private school worth the extra money, or is going to a public school just as good? As with any comparison, each option has its pros and cons. However, there are a few benefits that you and your child can only gain if they are receiving a private education. Unfortunately, not everyone is in a position where they can afford the steeper fees of a private school, but if you are privileged enough to view it as a possibility for your child’s education, it’s something to seriously consider. We’ll be walking you through some benefits that a private school can offer you. 

Specialized courses

Public schools may have some leeway when it comes to what they teach and how they teach it, but ultimately, they don’t get much say in the curriculum. Private schools, on the other hand, have much more flexibility when it comes to subjects and courses they offer. This means your child may be able to learn skills and explore subjects that they would not otherwise have access to. Many private schools offer specialized courses in unique subjects such as acting or public speaking. For example, the best private school in CT offers unique programs such as outdoor education.

More support when it comes to college applications

Your child may still be undecided about whether or not they want to pursue higher education. However, even if they are still unsure, you want to be able to give them as many options as possible. While public schools usually offer some form of assistance when it comes to college applications, private schools often have better connections with universities and colleges and can help guide your child towards the best possible future by setting up interviews, arranging private tours, and more.

Smaller class sizes

It’s simple: public schools are accessible to everyone, private schools aren’t, therefore there are fewer children in private schools. Usually, this means that class sizes in private schools are much smaller than those in public schools. This is good because smaller class sizes mean that educators’ attention won’t be divided between as many students, and your child will be getting a higher level of personal care and attention. This will likely help them perform better in school, as they will be receiving advice specifically tailored for them. There are many arguments for smaller class sizes, so feel free to read up those if you are undecided.

A more global education

Since public schools are restricted to teaching only certain things and in a certain way, their students are often at a disadvantage when compared to private school students, who often receive an education that is competitive on a global scale. Because private schools have more leniency in what they teach, they often elect to offer students an internationally recognized curriculum. This will be a massive benefit if your child wants to study abroad, or if they want to immigrate – especially if they want to move to one of the best countries.