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4 Movies That Have Inspired Real Life Change


We go to the movies to be entertained. However, sometimes as we sip on our soda and chomp down on our popcorn, our lives are utterly changed. Some movies have the power to inspire moviegoers and encourage them to go out and make the world a better place. Check out four of these motivational movies that have used fiction to change the world for the better.

V for Vendetta Inspires Hacktivists

A masked vigilante known as V fights the oppressors of a dystopian, futuristic London in James McTeigue’s V for Vendetta. In the movie, he gave the oppressed a voice and in real life, he gave rise to a similar movement. The internet hacktivist group known as Anonymous uses V’s mask in the movie as a symbol of their organization. Anonymous gets together and protests many international issues, giving voices to the oppressed via the internet. They have taken down discriminatory sites, child pornography and terrorist sites to help prevent violence and the atrocities that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed.  

Bambi Creates Animal Lovers

Bambi was a truly magnificent wonder created by Walt Disney. However, its influence goes past entertainment and into the real world of animal activism. In the movie, Bambi is suffering from the death of his mother by a hunter’s bullet. Apparently, this crushing scene left a mark on its viewers and people actually stopped hunting because of Bambi’s cute image. According to some reports, the number of deer hunted in the US decreased by roughly half during the years following Bambi’s release.

Sugar Fight for the Homeless

1.3 million kids in the United States are homeless and the 2013 movie Sugar produced by Broidy exposed this awful truth. The movie follows a homeless girl in the artsy town of Venice Beach, California and her struggle with the true crime, drugs, and death of the streets. After the release of the movie, people learned more about homelessness in teens and the National Homeless Youth Awareness Month promoted change. They created an Indiegogo Campaign with the goal of feeding 10,000 homeless youth, draw awareness to homelessness, and provide a safe haven for teens on the street.

The Day After Tomorrow Teaches Global Warming

In this futuristic blockbuster hit, we watch as a tidal wave devours New York City and hailstones demolish Tokyo. These climatic moments created great action scenes for the movie, but it also put some movie-goers into action. According to Yale researchers, The Day After Tomorrow increased awareness about global warming and climate change. It helped people learn about the effects of global warming and encouraged people to consider how their actions could lead to a similar crisis.

Although movies seem to be objects of fiction, they can ultimately make a difference in the world. These movies use entertainment to promote positive change and inspire individuals everywhere.