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4 Plants to Put in Your Kitchen

Plants in Kitchen

Plants are good for the house, not just for aesthetic reasons but for health reasons as well. Plants are considered to lower the stress levels, boost a person’s mood, and studies have also proven that they increase productivity and concentration for up to 15%. Here is a list of plants that you are perfect for your kitchen. 

1.    Herbs

Have you seen those chefs who film from their houses? Doesn’t cooking look, feel, and taste better when you just pick out herbs from your very own pot? They aren’t just for decorating purposes but also add zest to the meal we eat. 

2.    Aloe Vera

Good things do come in small packages. Aloe vera may be a tiny and compact plant, but the gel inside it is useful for many things such as soothing burns, moisturizing dry hands, and perfect treatment for the hair. 

3.    African Violet

This colorful plant goes well with smooth and hammered copper sinks. African violets need more water compared to the first two mentioned above, so make it a habit to check them. But don’t fret as this plant is perfect for your kitchen as it likes the warmth that cooking heat gives off. 

4.    Cacti

If you have this annoying habit of being forgetful, then a cactus is the perfect plant for you. Because it can survive days without water, you wouldn’t be obliged to water them daily, and this plant also loves the heat. If it can survive a desert, it can definitely survive in your kitchen.