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4 Practical Tips to Hire a Car in the UK and Get the Best Value

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Do you need a break from everyday life? Have you been contemplating ways to combine your two great loves: travelling and driving ? Whether the idea of a road trip in the UK is something that you have been considering for a long time or it just started to take form in your mind, this article is here to make your travel dreams a reality by sharing 4 practical tips to hire a car in the UK and get the best value.

Tip 1: Decide what your ideal car is

The first step to ensuring that you will make the best choice is to know your needs. If you are travelling with three or more people, you will need a vehicle where you can all sit comfortably, which means that a two-seater is out of the question. Are you going to explore a major city, like London or Manchester, and maybe a bit of its outskirts? If so, consider opting for a city car to make it easier to move around districts and find parking. If you are more interested in natural landscapes, an SUV is a safer option. In this step, you should have an idea of how your ideal holiday car should look like, not necessarily know what exact car to hire, to be able to move to the next stage/tip.

Tip 2: Compare car hire prices

Once you know what you are looking for, you can start comparing prices. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t waste your time checking rates for car types that don’t meet your criteria. Another time-saving tip here is to use a comparison website. You can find a wide selection of affordable cars to hire in the UK on holidaycars.com. On a single webpage, you’ll find all the necessary information, including daily price, car features, and policies, to help you find the perfect road trip car at the best price.

Tip 3: Check fees

A crucial aspect to pay attention to when hiring a car in the UK, either from a physical car hire firm or their website, is the presence of extra fees. Fees are the car hire traps that could cost you hundreds on holiday. Examples of costs that you may not expect but are common clauses in car hire agreements include young driver surcharge, late return fees, mileage restrictions, and fuel policies.

Tip 4: Document the car hire condition at pick-up

One final tip to implement when you hire a car in the UK is to take clear photos and videos of the car at pick-up, before you start driving it. In this way, you have evidence of any pre-existing scratches or flaws so that you can’t be charged for damages that you haven’t caused. Being wrongly accused of damages isn’t common, but better safe than sorry.