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4 Relationship Stereotypes We All Need To Get Rid Of If We Want To Find Happiness


So much has been written and said about love and relationship, that nowadays it is truly hard to determine what’s true and what’s false.

From a young age, we’ve been taught that relationships are these beautiful comfort zones where there are only rainbows, pink skies, and unicorns.

Disney movies and romantic fairy tales have convinced us that being in love means being in a divine state for 24 a week. Well, let me tell you something. Relationships may be an amazing part of our lives, but they are not that black and white as some people think.

That is why we decided to gather some of the biggest relationship stereotypes and let you know that discarding them is the only way to truly find happiness in your life:


As if! When I first met my current boyfriend, he was in a club playing with his band. The sound of his guitar caught my attention and I couldn’t stop staring at him. The way he handled that instrument and the energy he shared with the people around him made me very curious about him.  

Let me just tell you that I have never in my life really listened to metal or anything related. That was my first experience and I absolutely fell in love with the whole atmosphere he and his band made. For the record, I am a writer and a part-time photographer. That’s what I love and that is what makes me happy.

My point is, our different interests and hobbies didn’t stop us from falling madly in love with each other. In fact, they brought us even closer because they broadened our horizons.


False. This is probably the biggest stereotype I’ve ever heard. Ask the happiest couple you know, and they will tell you that there is no such thing as a relationship without the occasional disagreements and fights. The truth is people who don’t fight usually don’t care about one another.

I am not saying that fighting every day and emotionally abusing each other is okay. Not at all. I am just stating that having small quarrels every once in a while, is a normal thing.


Let’s get one thing straight. It is your duty to respect your loved one’s family and friends, but that doesn’t mean that you should unconditionally love them. You are in a relationship with your partner, not them.

Whoever told you that you need to constantly worry about interacting with your partner’s loved ones is wrong. The key is being respectful and having healthy boundaries without insulting someone.


Don’t kid yourself. Being in a happy relationship doesn’t mean being together 24/7. Being in love with someone doesn’t mean giving up on your life to be with them. That is called an unhealthy obsession if you ask me.

Relationships are about sharing your life with another person but also working on yourself. It is about accepting each other’s journey and supporting the work that you both do.

Having a life outside of your relationship means that you respect yourself, no that you stopped loving your partner.

It is about time we break these stereotypes and accept that love, just like everything else in life, is imperfect and flawed. Because that is the only way we are ever going to find happiness.

4 Relationship Stereotypes We All Need To Get Rid Of If We Want To Find Happiness