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4 Signs That There’s Too Much Drama In Your Relationship And It’s Time To Move On


They say if you have love, you have everything you need. And in most cases, that is true. But there are exceptions in life that prove that love isn’t always enough.

Yes, you love each other. You would do everything for each other. At least that’s what you think. But drama is an inevitable part of your life. Somehow, you always find something about each other that bothers you and for some reason, you are always up for a fight. Still, you always find a way to kiss and make up. And just like that, you feel relieved again. You reunite, you talk about it and everything seems perfect.

But then, the drama starts again. And it is like a bad déjà vu happening all over again.

You are on the same rollercoaster that you’ve been for years and you are sick of going through the same fights. You think that by now you’ve probably solved your issues, but reality shows you that you haven’t. You cannot help but ask yourself… “What am I still doing in this relationship?”

Here are 4 crucial signs that there’s too much drama in your relationship and it is probably time to move on:

1. Your relationship lacks passion. Passionate feelings are essential for a thriving relationship. They are not the only things that make a relationship last, but they drive many relationships. In the beginning, it’s easy. Passion and fireworks are the only things that we see. But once these feelings fade away, and we realize that they’ve been the only things that kept us going the whole time, it is hard to keep going down the same road.

2. Your partner avoids taking responsibility. They don’t behave like a mature person. Instead, they avoid taking responsibility for their actions and put the blame on you. You cannot understand each other and no matter how much you try to reach out to them; they seem like they are living in a completely different world from yours.

3. They don’t support your goals and ideas. This one is the biggest red flag if you ask me. If your partner isn’t your number one cheerleader, what are they? The most important thing that you can do in a relationship is to be there for the other person. To support them 100%, to encourage them to chase their dreams and to offer them a shoulder to cry on when they feel overwhelmed.

4. You no longer share the same values and interests. There is no doubt that attraction will keep you drawn to your partner, but love is not all about the physical connection. There’s more to it than just pure animal magnetism. You may share the same passion in bed, but if you no longer share the same values and interests in life, you have a big problem.

If you see most of these red flags on a daily basis, I am afraid that your relationship is not built to last a lifetime. Still, it is all up to you. Are you willing to do your best to save what you have, or you are tired of fighting for something that is not destined to be?

The truth is, there are relationships that are exceptions and have many positives. Those, in my opinion, are worth saving. But relationships that keep stagnating even after the partners have made every effort to save it, are a real waste of time.

If you are in one of those relationships and you decide that you want to end it, you have to know that is not going to be easy. That is why you have to make a plan that will help you go through the process of letting go much easier.

You can start by setting healthy boundaries and focusing on more productive activities. Spending more time with your friends will also help you clear your mind after your breakup and eventually move on. Painful as it might be to do so, it is probably time to start following your heart for once and live the life that you want to live.