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4 Super Powers That HIGHLY Empathetic People Possess


Empathy is a powerful thing. On the surface, it lets you understand people and connect with them more deeply. However, once you start evolving your empathic abilities, it gets much more interesting and it offers a lot more insights about your life and the lives of those around you.

While there are some people who are born with highly empathic abilities, empathy is something that can be achieved and evolved by anyone. The only thing that has stopped people from evolving this special gift we all possess is the idea that ‘emotions are for crybabies and weak people’.Things are not that plain as they have been said, though.

Once you read about these 4 super powers that come with high empathic abilities, you will understand that lacking empathy makes you weak, not the other way around.

  1. Reading people’s minds

Mind reading is not as ‘supernatural’ as it may sound to many. In fact, we all do it to some extent – reading cues from people’s intonation, body language, and verbal discourse. If you bothered enough to analyze these nonverbal signs in those who matter, you would surely be able to tell if they are lying, hiding something if they are happy, sad – you name it.

Empaths take this a step further. Besides being able to read the visual and intonational cues from those around them, they are able to sniff out their deepest emotions involved in the process – those who many try hard to keep down.

The truth is that people can learn how to act in a certain way to achieve the desired perception by others. However, when confronted with an empath, all the masks melt away from the empath’s piercing ability to see and sense their deepest motives and nature.

With this information, the empath is able to walk a mile in their shoes and see how they think and why they are thinking like that. No acting can escape their powerful emotional perception – and thoughts are inspired by emotions.

  1. Becoming your own emotion super hero

The ability to listen to and recognize each feeling in a whirlpool of emotions that inspire and create behaviors can be directed inwards. Many people today choose to be disconnected from their feelings, as facing your own feelings IS the most difficult task.

An empath is well aware of their emotions and of those around them. The ability to differentiate between these two is what makes them strong enough to face the burden of the emotions.

This being the case, an empath is able to start following their emotions and taming them to follow a path of emotional growth and maturity. If for example, someone says something that would irritate an empath, they will be able to see where that statement is coming from and how it differs from their worldview.

Knowing that these are two different worlds that could easily clash, they would easily understand their reaction and accept the reality, without causing any conflict. It’s because they understand themselves and they understand the other person – this is a step to emotional maturity.

  1. Transmuting the negativity only you can feel

Empaths are not only able to sense the emotions of the people around them, but also the energy that lingers around from those emotions. When they enter a room full of negative energy, they can sense it and they know what to do.

Empaths can feel sources of positive energy and they feel attached to them. These could be forms of meditation, plants that transmute negative energy to a positive one, or even simple encouraging words and thoughts.

If in control of their own emotions, they can easily use their knowledge to transmute the negative energy around them into a blissful and positive one.

  1. Turn your sensitivity into a highly coveted skill

The sensitivities of an empath can be their greatest trait when out in the world. Many highly empathic people can readily tell what’s good and what’s not good for them, from food and drinks to people, rooms, and open spaces.

This sensitivity makes them avoid many things, which would seem limiting and difficult for many. However, this same sensitivity can help an empath become many things that others need, but are not aware of.

From becoming organic chefs who include vibrant colors and energies in their food, to amazing landscape architects, the possibilities are endless when their peculiar sense of things is in play.

The empath will create the best living space, meditation room, or garden, by observing the flow of the energies and the sources that generate the most positive energy. How do they do it? Don’t expect to find out, as they know how they sense it – but they won’t be able to tell why.

Source: TheMindUnleashed