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4 Types Of Synchronistic Connections Which Prove That We Don’t Meet Anyone By Coincidence


We must remember that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason, and it’s the same when it comes to the people we encounter every day.

When someone enters our lives, that’s not for nothing – there’s a reason behind it. Every person we encounter on the journey called life serves a purpose.

People cross our paths always for a reason and no matter how small their role in our lives appears, they all teach us important lessons.

Thus, some people come into our lives to help us grow and improve ourselves, both on a personal and professional level.

Others enter our lives to remind us that life is not a smooth journey. That not all people want the best for us. That we need to be strong, resilient and fight for our happiness.

And not all people we get to meet stay in our lives forever. Some people stay only for a limited period of time. They’re sent by the Universe, God, or you name it, to save us from bad things. For example, they might delay us in order to miss a car accident or perhaps even meet the love of our life.

And some enter our lives barely noticed and we quickly forget about them.

Yes, the world is full of connections that are intertwined into it. And regardless of whether these connections send us on a wonderful, unforgettable or unpleasant adventure, each and every one of them is important because they add meaning and beauty to our lives.

Here are 4 types of synchronistic connections which prove that we don’t meet anyone by coincidence.

1. Connections that are supposed to “awaken” us.

These are people who were meant to enter our lives even before we were born. When we meet these people, there’s a vibration between us that is impossible not to recognize.

Their role in our lives is essential because they lead us in the direction our lives are meant to go. They cause us to abandon our old way of living and move towards our destiny. They help us fulfill the purpose of our lives.

These people are there to show us that our lives don’t always go according to plan. That our lives can take a path way different from the one we imagined when we were kids.

2. Connections that remind us who we really are.

At this hectic pace of life, it’s easy to lose track of ourselves and forget who we truly are. It’s easy to stop believing in things that we once believed so sincerely, firmly, and enthusiastically.

We spend all our time and energy on fulfilling our daily responsibilities. We let our problems, both at home and at work, consume all our energy and make us forget what we truly need and want in life.

We forget to look deep into our soul and see whether we live according to our own beliefs, principles, and values; Whether we’re always honest with ourselves; whether we know what really matters to us in our lives.

Therefore, these people enter our lives so as to remind us who we really are and help us be more honest with ourselves. They help us become the person we’re supposed to be.

3. Connections that hold space for us.

These people are proof that not all cosmic connections have to last a lifetime. The thing is that there are these people that enter our lives for a very brief time. We forget about them as soon as they cross our paths.

We meet these people everywhere around us in everyday situations. We meet them on the bus, at parties, in the mall, or even on the streets.   

However, just because these people stay in our lives the shortest, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a meaningful or beneficial influence on us.

What makes our lives so unpredictable and amazing is the fact that we can never tell who we’re going to bump into when we leave our homes and where that encounter is going to take us. And oftentimes, it is these chance encounters that can greatly change our lives.

4. Connections that stay.

These people are simply the most valuable people we can ever meet and therefore, they’re the hardest to find.

These are the people who help us get back on track when we lose ourselves and who lift us up when we hit the bottom. They’re the people who truly love and care about us and stay with us through thick and thin.

Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a romantic partner, these people are your soulmates and definitely worth waiting for.