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4 Unique styles of gold earrings and gold bangles for weddings


A wedding is a place where one meets her old relatives. She wants to look gorgeous and have an eye-catching look for the event. She admires every moment when people appreciate her on her look and her all wearing. Although women are the beautiful creature of God, still they do need some accessories to express her beauty to the world. If you are one of those ladies who want to know detailed designs and which kind of pair of earrings would complement your dress and your nature, for those ladies here are 4 unique designs of bangles and earrings for weddings:

1.Net surfaced gold bangles & dangling net surfaced diamond earrings:

Some women like decency and details in jewelry.  Two thin gold bangles attached on a gold net surface make a perfect gold bangle. If a lady wants to add more details, she can also select a design for bangles. Furthermore, she can put diamonds or stones on it to make it more special. There should be 2 pairs of this to make it give also a heavy look. The bangles would be of 23.79 grams in weight. Now, thinking of earrings for this bangle design, a net surfaced and diamond-shaped two to three staged earrings would complement it perfectly. Like detailed bangle, she can also put details on earring as well. For example, little diamonds or stones on the gold diamond shaped earrings.

2. Gold thick bangle & gold earrings with sonorous bells earrings:

This is another more detailed but heavier than the net surfaced gold bangles. These thick bangles can become more attractive if there would be a line of little diamonds on the bangle. This design needs only one pair of bangle as this is graceful and it does not need any other bangle on a hand. The bangles would be of 27.39 grams in weight. With this pair of graceful bangles, a lady to express her traditional taste needs a pair of sonorous bells earrings to make others attract to her or know that these are the filmy effects only created in her appearances.

3. Gold bangle with attached ring & dangling chains earrings:

This one is mostly preferred for little girls, but it looks equally beautiful on ladies as well.  A thick gold bangle with a lock or something that can open it for wearing with a chain going towards fingers and attached with a ring make a lady’s hand more beautiful and occupied. More creativity can be done in this design like making more rings attached with chains, whatever the lady desires. The weight starts from 40 grams. As this occupies a little more space than other designed bangles, a dangling chains earring would compliment these.  Chains can be attached either with a diamond or geometrically shaped tops.

4. Platinum plated Gold bangles in antique Indian designs:

Platinum plated Gold bangles are expensive bangles for sure. When bangle contains antique designs, it revives the old traditions with the uniqueness of the gold plated with platinum. With these unique and elegant looking bangles is all that an aging woman desires. The weight of these bangles is 47 grams each.

Every woman is unique but the jewelry also creates an impact on her. We hope that whatever you select from these Gold earrings designs catalogue & Gold bangles designs with weight catalogue would be the incredible wearing for you.