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4 Ways Digital Printing is Spicing Up the Fashion Game


Digital printing technology is revolutionizing the fashion industry at an amazingly fast rate. Whether traversing the line between high fashion and streetwear, or even a common custom T-shirt, digital printing technology is offering designers new ways to produce and beautify fabrics locally. Here, we show you four significant ways the digital printing technology is spicing up the fashion game.

Creating Trends: 

With time, the advent of digital printing has helped designers catch up and even stay in trend, creating their own designs. Until recently, custom-designed fabrics have been of low expression on the American cloth design and fashion. Designers and embroiders are scarce and it takes a long time to review a work sample and style before the final product is delivered. But with today’s printing technology, high-quality printers like the Prestige XL2 DTF printer, designers can now print patterns on the spot. This gives designers the power to experiment, explore and create collections faster and more efficiently than ever. With the current wave of digital printing on custom shirts or clothes, designers become the creators of trends – instead of chasing them.

Freedom to express and explore creativity:

Digital printing has created a conducive atmosphere for designers, creating freedom for designers to be able to fully express their creative styles without being boxed in. This has ensured that designers can let their creativity flow freely, allowing independent brands to flourish. Fabric sublimation allows for a diversity of textures and materials, and ensures that designers don’t have to limit themselves in the design process.

Consistent quality with short turnover time:

Thirdly, in terms of quantity of prints, digital printing technologies enable limitless design possibilities, with the result being original prints of the highest quality unique to each designer, on fabrics that convey their signature style. With digital printing, fashion designers can promptly get into full production after prototypes, in just hours or a few days, with no limit to how small or large their production goals are. Previously, it took designers very long times to complete bulky orders. However, the new type of digital fabric printing machines let emerging brands produce only what they need, therefore, saving cost and optimizing their inventory by ensuring that only the styles and sizes that sell are on the racks at any given time.

A new face for custom designs:

Digital printing has spiced up the fashion industry in the line of customization. The digital imaging industry is changing the business of fashion and it is no longer news that the future of fashion is customization of clothes. From the colors and prints to the size and shapes of the garment, fabrics are constantly being customized to suit specific client needs. The implication of this is that designers can now create more unique and impressionable designs on demand in a very short time frame.  

The design potential and impact of digital printing technology in the fashion industry is limitless. Right now, designers are simply still scratching on the surface of technology, and it only gets better from here. Improved and more efficient print technologies are anticipated, and soon, who knows, printing might just be achieved with the snap of a finger!