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4 Ways to Spy Your Spouse Cell Phone without Touching It


Do you want to spy on your spouse’s cell phone to help you identify if he/she is cheating on you? Well, there are multiple options to make you spy in the best possible manner. Here I’m going to discuss a few:

1.      Install a Spy Software

When you are looking to spy on your spouse’s cell phone, then installing spy software is one of the best and safest options. You cannot directly sneak on your spouse’s phone and take a look. But, spying software can save you from a lot of troubles. If you are 99% confident that your spouse is cheating on you, only then it’s a good idea to use spy software. It is because spying software or applications are considered wrong on ethical grounds and act as an invasion of personal privacy. Plus, you don’t want to look crazy in case your spouse is not cheating on you.

Cell phone spy software or app needs to be installed on the phone you aim to spy. Therefore, you must have your spouse’s phone password. With the help of spy software, you are able to check on the texts, phone calls, social media applications, photos, locations, etc.

2.      Check on the Cloud

If you don’t know your spouse’s phone password, you can still look at the phone via the cloud. In the modern era, cloud storage is a place where we all intentionally or unintentionally store and backup our phone’s data. It will be on the cloud if your spouse is continually texting or calling someone. You can even check on the photos, WhatsApp voice notes, camera recordings, phone bills, deleted images, etc. So if you find something suspicious, you should take a screenshot of it or even print it off the computer to prove your point.

3.      Set a Camera & Voice Recorder

Even though putting a camera and voice recorder in a house is a bit expensive option to follow your spouse’s phone activities, you cannot still find out what is going inside the phone. You wouldn’t know who your spouse is texting, messaging, or looking at the Internet, but you can still listen to the phone calls answered inside the house and monitor your spouse’s activities. If you aim to pick the secret conversations, then you must set the recorder and camera in those areas where your spouse usually goes to answer a phone call like bathroom, balcony, outdoor area, etc. Most importantly, install a hidden voice recorder or camera to have bulletproof evidence.

4.      Location Tracking to Follow Your Spouse

Location tracking can be used when you are looking to find out where your spouse is at the moment. These days, the GPS tracking option allows accurate results to check on your spouse. Generally speaking, this point is not about spying your spouse’s phone; instead, it is more like using your spouse’s phone to track him/her. Previously, most people used to spy by getting in the car and driving after their spouses. However, in the current times, you can download an app on your spouse’s phone. This way, you would know when your spouse is leaving the house and where he/she is heading. You can easily find a number of location tracking apps online.