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40-Year-Old Women Are Giving Heartfelt And Honest Advice To Their 20-Year-Old Younger Selves


Life passes by very quickly. Sometimes minutes feel like hours and hours feel like infinity, but it is only when you look back that you understand how much time has passed by.

We spend our childhoods wanting to grow up. Then we grow up and we spend our entire lives waiting for those weekends, paychecks, vacations and special events. All the while we forget that life is more than just those special, pre-planned moments. We forget to smile to strangers; we forget to enjoy the present moment and ultimately, we forget to live.

So, I think that you’d all agree that it is truly encouraging and inspiring to have someone remind you of this every once in a while. Especially when that someone has already successfully made it to the other side of the decade.

That is the reason why I am writing this. A few months ago I caught myself barely living. I was practically surviving. But luckily, I came across something that slapped me and woke me up from my ugly dream. So, I am about to do the same thing to you.

What ultimately made me rethink my choice in life was a tweet I saw on social media. A few months ago, Professor Nyasha Junior (@NyashaJunior) had posted a callout for life advice on Twitter. She challenged 40+ women to share the most valuable lessons that they’ve learned in life. In a nutshell, she asked them to give their 20-year-old selves a piece of advice.

Women from all over the globe were lucky to answer this question and share what they’ve learned over their 4 decades of life on Earth. From opinions about love and heartbreak, friendships, to self-care and wearing more comfortable clothes, they were happy to give mindful and honest pearls of wisdom.

Here are some of their best tweets. I hope you find this encouraging and motivational enough. Life is what happens when you are busy making plans. Never forget that.