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5 Activities That Will Boost Your Physical Activity At Any Age


Nobody can deny the benefits of physical exercise. It keeps your heart healthy, improves your mood, sleeps, and it keeps you strong. However, with our lives becoming increasingly busy, it can be hard to prioritize staying active. This article lists some of the ways you can exercise while still having fun; no matter your age, activity level, physical ability or overall lifestyle.


Yoga or pilates can be an invigorating way to exercise that brings together levels of meditative breathing and stretching. You also have direct control over the intensity of the activity, making it appropriate for those of any age and skill level. It is less taxing on your muscles compared to other types of exercises, and is also a great way to workout with others and build relationships.


Dancing is often overlooked as a healthy activity; don’t let this fool you though, because dancing is also an effective way to burn calories and get your heart rate up. From the energetic salsa and swing, to simply swaying to Big Band. Dance classes are also a great way to meet new people, but it is also an enjoyable activity for large groups and special occasions. This is a common event at senior living communities, meaning those of all ages can participate.


Swimming is a great option for maintaining heart health and muscle tone, a much like yoga, you have direct control over the intensity of the workout. Whether you want to swim laps, casually doggy paddle, take a water aerobics class, or play a game of water Marco Polo, there’s a water activity for everyone. Being in the water has the added benefit of being low-impact on your joints, and indoor pools can be a nice respite from the winter weather.

Lawn Bowling or Bocce Ball

Bocce ball, sometimes anglicized to bocci ball, has a long recreational history across Europe especially in Italy and the eastern Adriatic nations. It’s a great mix of physical activity and strategy that is appropriate for all ages. Lawn bowling is a similar activity more suited to winter, as there are usually both indoor and outdoor courts available. Also equipped with a long history, primarily in Britain, lawn bowling is another great option for all ages and skill levels.

Snowshoeing & Cross-Country Skiing

If you have access to a snowy landscape and the right equipment, cross-country skiing is a great winter option to get in some physical activity. Don’t confuse cross-country with more intensive types of skiing. Unlike downhill skiing, cross-country skiing is less impactful on your joints but is still a great option for cardio and muscle toning. It also has the added benefit of serving up some beautiful scenery!

Getting your daily physical activity doesn’t have to be a chore. There are many fun activities that can be completed by people of all ages and at all skill levels. We hope that this list gives you some ideas for physical activities that will maintain and improve your health, and perhaps make some friends and have fun along the way!