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5 Amazing Things That Will Happen To You Once You Enter An Honest Relationship


Mutual understanding and respect are the pillars of a good relationship. But let’s face it. Without honesty and openness, none of that will be possible. Honesty is the most important thing that two people need to have if they want their love to thrive.

If you are not open about your wants, needs, fears, insecurities, expectations you cannot reach mutual understanding. And if you cannot understand yourself with the person you are with, then you most definitely cannot find love.

The sad reality is, a lot of people overlook this because they are afraid to show their true colors. They called that love and convince themselves that what they’re doing is right.

If you recognized yourself in this article, keep reading. Here are 5 things that will happen to you once you find a real and honest relationship:

1. You will grow emotionally and spiritually. Stepping into an honest and open relationship will help you grow in many aspects of your life. Loving someone from your heart will enrich your life and will make you realize that you’ve never really loved someone before this person. The love that you two share will give you the strength and courage to be exactly who you are and become the best versions of yourselves. You will grow both mentally and spiritually.

2. You will allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of your partner. This will come naturally. Once you enter a real relationship and start falling in love with a person who genuinely cares about you, you will no longer feel afraid to show them how fragile your heart is. You won’t be scared to undress and expose your soul to them. Revealing your wounds and scars will no longer terrify you. Because the trust you have in this person will make it all much easier. There will be no guessing games. Only love.

3. You will understand how important it is to communicate and make compromises. Entering a loving and honest relationship will make you a selfless person. It will open your heart and make you more considerate of other people’s feeling and needs, starting with your partner’s. You will learn that making compromising, cooperating and communicating are essential if you want to have a happy and thriving relationship.

4. You will learn to love yourself. Being loved by someone, and by loved, I mean truly, genuinely, unconditionally loved, will open your eyes and make you see your worth. The truth is, self-worth is something we must always be aware of, but you have to admit. The reality is often different. You cannot say that being in love never made you feel good about yourself. You cannot tell me that knowing someone loves you and wishes you well didn’t make you realize just how much you are worth it. 

5. You will learn to forgive easily. Last but not least, when you love someone from the bottom of your heart, there is no such thing as holding grudges. You start practicing the art of agreeing to disagree. You accept your differences. You stop holding anger in because now there is something more important than your ego. The love that you share is more sacred than anything else.