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5 Awesome Tips about Hawthorn Tea from Unlikely Sources


In modern lifestyle, people face challenges in maintaining their health. Poor diet and lack of exercise are the two main reasons that affect the human body. Heart problems and high blood pressure are prevalent nowadays even among the young individuals.

Intake of right natural products (fruits and vegetables) in daily diet could help you considerably in keeping your healthy. Hawthorn has become a popular name in the last few years, all thanks to the various health benefits that it brings with it.

Some points you must know about the plant

The Hawthorn plant is a deciduous plant and belongs to the rose family. Hawthorn tree grows easily along the hills and requires an adequate amount of sunlight to grow quickly. Multiple species of the plant are available in North America.  During the May season, the plant blooms with berries and flowers. The berries of the plant are edible, and the taste is a mix of sweet and sour.

Hawthorn herbs are loaded with compounds that have multiple health benefits. Following are some of the most beneficial compounds that are available in Hawthorn herb-

  • Flavonoids
  • Quercetin
  • Vitamin B1, B2, C
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus

The most common way to include hawthorn in your diet plan is to consume it as tea. It is available in the market in both prepackaged or the loose form. They are mostly sold in the health food stores. The herb has no side-effects although pregnant women are recommended to avoid them. The grass is also sold in the capsule form and is prescribed by many doctors as supplement for good health.

Health benefits of Hawthorn tea

With regular intake of hawthorn tea, you can get lots of health benefits. Following are some of the significant problems that are cured by the Hawthorn tea.

Heart troubles

The hawthorn tea is commonly known as a cardio tonic herb. Research has shown that the Hawthorn tea helps reducing complications involved in various heart diseases and even helps patients with congestive heart failure.  The tea helps considerably in improving cardiac functions including heart rate and cardiac output.

Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure should consume the drink regularly as it brings down the blood pressure by a considerable level. Plenty of research has been done in the field to support this fact.

Chest Pain

By improving the blood flow to the heart, hawthorn tea helps in reducing the problems of chest pain. The tea can act as a natural remedy to treat as well as avoid angina. The tea also reduces tension in the blood vessel.

High Cholesterol

Increase in blood cholesterol level brings with it numerous health problems, especially to the heart. Hawthorn tea acts as a natural remedy to reduce LDL levels in the body. The tea also helps in lowering lever cholesterol and also aids in weight loss.

Improves immunity

Research shows that hawthorn tea helps in developing the immune system of the body which helps in improvising the overall health.  The tea has plenty of anti-oxidants and has numerous compounds that help in improving the metabolism and also reduce gastrointestinal problems.

Hope you will include this miraculous herb in your daily diet for a healthy life!