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5 Benefits of Ashwagandha & How To Use It


Have you heard of ashwagandha and all the potential benefits you could experience by using it regularly? If you’ve been researching the best herbs for energy, pain relief or stress relief lately, you’ve likely come across some ashwagandha health benefits and wondered whether this herb could make a useful addition to your regular supplementation regime. If so, here’s what you should know about the typical benefits of ashwagandha and how you can use it to get the most out of it.

1. It Has a Wide Variety of Potential Applications

One of the perks of using ashwagandha is that it can potentially treat multiple symptoms and may have multiple applications. For instance, you could start taking ashwagandha to help deal with feelings of stress but may find that it helps clear up your rashes quicker, or that it gives you an extra boost of energy. Some of the most common applications of ashwagandha include treating:

  • Localized pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Skin issues
  • Arthritis
  • Exhaustion and/or fatigue

2. Ashwagandha Helps Your Body Combat Inflammation

Ashwagandha, originally a treatment herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, is well known for its ability to help the body combat chronic inflammation. Whether you’re experienced in using traditional remedies or you’re just now learning what does homeopathic medicine mean, this herb could potentially make a useful addition to your self-care routine. If you’ve been eating a low-inflammation diet and drinking extra liquids but still struggle with pain, swelling or rashes, for instance, appropriate amounts of ashwagandha could potentially help reduce the inflammation levels in your body and temper some of its side effects.

3. It Might Help Improve Your Heart Health

Ashwagandha may also be helpful for those who are concerned about maintaining good heart health. Although more research may be needed to confirm certain hypotheses, previous studies have shown that supplementing with ashwagandha could potentially:

  • Lower your chances of developing heart disease
  • Soothe and lower occurrences of chest pain
  • Lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure

4. It Could Lower Your Overall Cortisol Levels

If you suffer from chronic stress, taking ashwagandha could potentially help provide you relief. This is because this herb has been shown to help lower overall cortisol levels and stabilize blood sugar levels, which can both contribute to exacerbated stress and anxiety if left unbalanced or excessively high. Depending on the severity of your stress or anxiety, you may want to ask your doctor how often you should be taking ashwagandha.

5. You Can Take Ashwagandha in Several Common Forms

Fortunately, ashwagandha comes in several common supplement forms, making it simple to use regardless of which format you prefer. You can try one or all of these forms to find the one you like best. Frequently available versions include:

  • Pills or capsules
  • Liquid extracts and drops
  • Powders

Ashwagandha is a unique Ayurvedic herb that has multiple possible applications and could bring you several types of health benefits with regular or occasional use. Whether you’re currently struggling with your blood pressure, your stress levels, your arthritis or a number of other common conditions, incorporating ashwagandha into your daily routine as a supplement could potentially provide you the type of boost and support you’ve been looking for.