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5 Best Tips on Identifying the Right Masks


Masks are in high demand on the market today because of their respiratory advantages in preventing Coronavirus infections. Because of this, there are many suppliers on the market today some of which have fake face masks.

So, you must be in a position to identify the best place to buy the right face mask from the various suppliers available. Following are the best tips on identifying the right mask;

  1. Examine the Markings on The Mask

You should first examine the markings on the mask you wish to buy. The right mask should have a logo and information indicating it has been verified and approved by the relevant authorities.

This assures you that you are taking the right mask however, if the mask is blank, then it is a red flag and you shouldn’t take it. This is because there are lots of fake N95 Mask on market and it might be one of them.

It should also have a TC code showing that it was tested and certified with a numerical code. This proves that it is safe for use and won’t cause you any harm.

  1. How Does It Secure Your Face?

The right face mask has 2 bands that tie around your head’s back to ensure it seals your nose and mouth. Well, it efficiently covers your mouth and nose to ensure that any air you breathe passes through it after being filtered by its layers.

So, if the mask you find or you have already bought has ear loops then it’s fake.

  1. Check the License of The Supplier

The right mask supplier company must be licensed and regulated by the relevant licensing authority. You can check on its website to see if there’s any license displayed and you can make inquiries from the relevant regulatory authority to ensure the license is valid and not fake.

This saves you from dealing with illegal suppliers who might give you fake N95 Mask that put your health and that of your workers at risk of infection.

  1. Embrace Online Reviews

Online reviews on different suppliers help you to identify one with the right masks. Various customers reveal their experiences with different supplies which helps you to choose the one to deal with.

If the reviews about a given supplier are positive, you can deal with the company but if they are negative, then you shouldn’t work with it as you are likely to get the same bad experience.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

You can ask for recommendations from others who use the facemasks. These can direct you to the right supplier where they buy their masks from. 

This saves you a lot of time as they direct you to a place they already trust and you only have to place your order. You don’t have to first check every mask supplier because it has already been done by the person recommending you.

Get the Right Mask

Use the above tips to be in a position of buying the right mask from the best and trusted supplier on the market.