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5 Challenges Only An Empath Can Understand


Being an empath is a wonderful gift. Empaths are truly magnificent people with unique traits rarely found. However, being an empath also means being highly sensitive, isolated, alienated, prone to depression and anxiety, carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

In other words, being an empath comes along with lots of challenges.

If you’re an empath, you feel my words in your bones deeply. You know your struggles, you know how it feels facing the following 5 challenges.


Being an empath hurts. It really hurts. Empaths sense everything that others feel. They are greatly affected by other people’s emotions. They feel their pain and loss. They feel their tears and soul that is torn apart in tiny pieces. And they get hurt. A lot.

People don’t understand them.


Empaths are like ozone holes. They let different emotions enter their mind and body. They absorb a great amount of stress, pressure, negative energy, which has a great impact on their overall wellbeing. Empaths are hyper-sensitive magnets for attracting those energies and they simply can’t help it.

People don’t understand them.


They give up on caring about their needs. They don’t see them a priority. It seems like people can read it on their forehead: “I’m here for you. You can count on me.”

They carry pains which are not theirs. They don’t protect themselves enough. Their emotional boundaries get weak because they have great hearts and want to help everyone.

People don’t understand them.


Empaths are like fallen angels who can’t adapt to a world who fail to understand them. World who rip and judge them as“too much sensitive” and “immature”. That’s why most of the time they crave to be alone with their deepest feelings, living in the shadows.

Wandering through their pains, they ask themselves: “What’s wrong with me?”, “What’s wrong with this world?” “Why do I exist?”

People don’t understand them.


Empaths like to be alone. Too much noise and people can drain them. Others see empaths as cold and unfriendly. In fact, empaths are very friendly. They just want to escape the emotional torturing other people do to them.

Empaths like to be alone sometimes. They don’t want to feel lonely, isolated and alienated though, and that’s exactly the way how they feel. Spending too much time alone makes them suffer from anxiety and depression.

Just because people don’t try to understand them.

 I feel your pain, empaths! I care about you.

Feel free to share this message with any ultra-sensitive soul you know. Show them they’re not alone.

Pay it forward.

Image: Diego Lizarazo