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5 Commonly Asked Questions about a Counterfeit Pen – Answered


The percentage of counterfeit currency is increasing at alarming rates. It is a serious issue and must be dealt at every level. Detecting a counterfeit bill is now easier as compared to early days.

Astonishing as it is, the amount of counterfeit money generated through computer systems, in circulation accounts for over 45% and this number is still rising.

With the help of advance Technology, counterfeit pens or it would be correct to say counterfeit detection pens are now available for your help.

These counterfeit pens are an easy way to check bills and find out the authenticity of a bill presented to you. In this article, you will read about five essential things you must know about these counterfeit detection pens. 

  1. What is a counterfeit detection pen?

A counterfeit (detection) pen is a pen-shaped instrument that has a felt tip which contains iodine solution. This iodine solution is helpful in identifying a computer-generated, fake or counterfeit bill.  

  1. How does it work?

 Most criminals use the copy paper (standard printing paper) to print the counterfeit bill. The iodine solution quickly reacts with the wood pulp containing starch, present in such papers.  Authentic government generated bills do not use such papers for printing bills they use fiber based papers for printing currency. So it is a visible marker to check a fake note.

  1. How to use a detection pen?

You do not require any specific training in this regard. It’s as simple as putting a mark on a piece of paper using a pen. Yes, all you need to do it put a mark from the felt tip of the pen on the corner of the bill. 

  1. How to identify?

Well, it’s a simple chemical reaction. When the iodine in the solution reacts with the starch of the paper, a chemical reaction occurs that changes the color of the bill to dark brown or black.  So, if the mark on the bill changes color it means the bill is counterfeit but if not it’s good to use. 

  1. How to buy a counterfeit detection pen?

Nowadays it has become effortless to buy such pens as they are commonly available in the market.  One pen will cost you about $5, and it can check about 3000 bills.  You can also buy such pens online at reasonable rates.

So, I guess now you must have got answers to all your queries about counterfeit detection pens. Commonly such pens were used to identify wood pulp paper based currency. But they can also detect paper currency on thread base.

Today, almost every businessman, small or significant or even a store owner uses the detection pen to check the authenticity of the bills presented to them.

Although such pens are capable of detecting most of the fake currency, there is still a significant portion of counterfeit currencies made through other sources that go undetected.

I don’t say that these pens are foolproof, but at least they are of some help. And some help is better than none.