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5 Easy Ways You Can Lower Your Electric Bill


Your electric bill is a tricky one to gauge since so many factors go into it going higher or lower over the course of a month. Modern day homes are stocked to the brim with electronics so you can easily see a pike in energy usage if you are not careful. But lowering your electric bills is not only easy, it can sometimes be essential. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to lower your electric bill, the easiest of which only require that you make a few simple changes.

1.Do Your Laundry Differently

When doing your laundry, there are plenty of ways to lower your electricity usage throughout the process. The simplest of which is to simply fill up your machines to capacity and lower the amount of loads you are to clean. The less you use the machines, the less electricity you use, and the more you save. If you use cold water instead of heating it too, then that further decreases energy usage. If you want, try giving line drying a try and forgo the use of the machines entirely.

2. Avoid Using Your AC When You Can

Your AC can be a huge power draw so limiting its usage can go a long way towards lowering your overall energy usage. Simple steps can make a big difference, whether it is hot or cold outside. When it is cold, make sure your home’s doors and windows are properly sealed so that less heat is let out. Bundle up and make sure your AC is regulated so that it is using the bare minimum energy required. If it is warm, then open up some windows or even install a ceiling fan to more naturally cool down.

3. Cut Down on Electronic Power Draw

The worst part of the power draw coming from electronics around the house is that they will continue to drain energy even when not in use. The only real way to make sure your electronics are not sucking up energy is to fully unplug them and keep them like that when not in use. This is especially true for bundles of electronics, they consume more energy when huddled together.

4. Clean Up Your Air Filters

The air filters in a home are used to keep clean air coming in while any problematic particles are filtered out on the way in. This is a simple process that happens as long as the filters are installed in your system. Over time, the filters become dirty and eventually become a problem for your home. You will need to replace them or your air systems will start expending extra energy trying to push airflow into your home. Just replace the old filters with new ones. They’re easy to buy and are capable of being installed right out of the box.

5. Keep Up Your Home Maintenance

None of these steps make a full difference if you lose energy via poor home maintenance. You can see a large loss of heat if your windows are not sealed and door frames loosened. Make sure the places around your home where heat can escape are properly taken care of. Doing so will help you avoid losing out on much much needed heating whenever it becomes too cold and you want to save.