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5 Effective and Easy Ways You Can Reduce Bloating


Do you ever stand in the mirror and stare at a bloated stomach? Have you tried every single diet there is and still haven’t seen effective results? Bloating can be a problem for many people, the causes of which may vary. Your gut is your second brain. That’s why maintaining a healthy gut whether it’s through a regular 3 day cleanse or a healthy diet, will help you reduce bloating and keep a fit shape. However, having a healthy gut is easier said than done. You need to apply essential changes to your diet so that you can maintain a healthy gut and reduce bloating and constipation. Here are 5 effective and easy ways you can reduce bloating.

#5- Drink Water When You Wake Up 

Drinking water when you wake up is essential for the body and metabolism. Keep in mind you just came out of a 6-8 period where you didn’t intake any sort of water. Meaning that your body is extremely dehydrated and needs to replenished right away. Drinking at least 2 cups of water when you wake will help jolt your metabolism into action and allow your body to wake up with you. Try not to consume anything before you drink water in the morning. That way you give your body a chance to take the water in before anything else. 

#4- Exercise Regularly 

Exercise is the best way to keep your body fit and energetic throughout the day. Performing regular exercise will allow your body to burn all the excess calories stored in your body. Exercise is also is a good way to flush out all the toxins in your body. Exercise regularly so that you can decrease the bloating in your body and maintain a slim physique. 

#3- Change Your Diet 

A main issue of bloating stems from your diet and the types of food that you’re eating. Changing your diet doesn’t mean simply cut out the carbs and fats- although that will help considerably. But changing your diet goes beyond that, and it’s taking a look at what types of foods affect your body in which type of way. For example, you may be on a slim and lean diet already, but there are certain foods or components in your diet that are causing the bloating. Types of meats, kernels, vegetables, and other food types, all play a role in your body composition. Try to figure out which food types if causing bloating in your body after you eat it, or that give you gas. You may want to cut those foods out of your diet altogether. 

#2-  Be Mindful of How You Eat

Be mindful of the way you eat your food. Don’t stuff your face with a mouthful of food, instead opt for the slow and small bites. Enjoy your meal because it’s not going anywhere. Don’t eat too much at a time as well. Try to ration your food and stick to the exact filling amount, or a little beneath that if you can! Also, don’t lie down or be immobile after you eat. Go for a short walk, or keep active after your meal so that your food doesn’t sit heavy atop your stomach.

#1- Drink a Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplement 

Both Prebiotics and Probiotics help reduce bloating in your body. There are a wide variety of biotic drink cleanse like KOSO that help provide balanced nutrition. You can drink one glass of the prebiotic and postbiotic cleanse every morning as a breakfast substitute or 30 minutes before your first meal to boost your gut health.