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5 Good Reasons Why Happy Couples Don’t Post Much About Their Relationships On Social Media


Happy people don’t talk much about happiness, people in love don’t talk much about love. Especially not for the approval of others, which is what social media has become nowadays – hunting grounds for attention.

People are ready to go to any lengths to ‘prove’ that they live happy lives, to show the others how beautiful it is to be in love, and whatnot. It’s totally sickening – especially to those who live this truth and know that you don’t need anyone’s approval to feel this way. You simply do.

Perhaps this is the main reason why people who are happy in love don’t post much about their relationships on social media. In fact, there are several really good reasons that make perfect sense.

1. If there’s anything to post, it will be about a good moment spent together at a special place

Not every moment of your relationship; not every detail about your private lives. Why? Because that’s what people usually do – that’s creating a memory. And happy couples function like this because they don’t find the things they do together as something extraordinary that others don’t. And in the end, who has the time to post frequent updates when you need your focus on your relationship?

2. Genuine joy and elation make us forget to take photos

It’s true – your attention is so much focused on that perfect moment, that pure joy, and that ‘high’ you get from being around your significant other that you don’t really have the energy to think about doing something so tedious as taking a photo. It will ruin the moment really, and for what?

3. If there’s anything to post about, it will never be about the arguments

It’s simply saddening to see how some people like to post about the quarrels they have in their relationships, about how their partner did this or that. Or that addiction to changing the relationship status whenever something happens. Happy couples don’t focus on what the social media will think about their relationship – they focus on fixing the issue and growing together.

4. What kind of validation are you seeking, exactly?

Happy couples don’t seek any kind of validation about their relationship. And posting endlessly about their relationship only implies that they do. So, no, you won’t see too many photos and stories about happy couples online. Simply because their life is between them, and that is what makes them truly happy.

5. Happy couples have nothing to prove

Some people like to post on social media to show off, to prove that they are living the life. However, as I said at the beginning of the article – happy people don’t talk about happiness, and people in love don’t talk about love. They do it – they live it. They don’t need to prove to anyone that they are happy together.

Have you had such an experience with a partner where you simply forget about the world, no matter how beautiful or bad things are? That’s the person you should be with. Someone who makes you forget about social media, about people’s prying eyes and their constant judgment.

Happy couples forget about these things –  that’s why they don’t post on social media things about their special intimate moments and the pure enjoyment they get from being together.


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