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5 Horror Movies You Can Only Watch Once


These 5 horror movies on Netflix will make your blood run cold, and you probably would not be able to stomach them twice. 

When it comes to horror movies, what really scares you? What makes your heart miss a beat? Perhaps, there are many things that make you cringe, but there are some classics on Netflix that are real gems when it comes to horror movies.   

Some movies have one particular scene that sends shivers down your spine. Maybe it is a frightening jump, or violent death, or gross skin-peeling, you name it.

Here are 5 horror movies which have that terrifying element in them that will stay with you for days. If you are able to watch them more than once – congratulations! You are among the bravest.

1.STARRY EYES (2014)

This is honestly rather underrated film, and it includes all kinds of body horror that you can imagine. From nails and hair falling out to people slipping in blood pools – every gross thing that you can think of. Also, sex, ritual sacrifice, and rotting flesh are included.



This movie is considered as one of the most frightening horror movies of 2015. When you get an insight of the haunted house, you’ll be scared to death. By further leaning into it and a close look, you will realize that there isn’t anything similar that is as scary as this movie.

3. HONEYMOON (2015)

This movie comes from Mexico, in its original title as “Luna de Miel.’  In it, a woman is kidnapped by a sadistic doctor who plays tricks on her to make her believe that she is his wife, while also torturing her.



Even though it is not a good movie – it sure is disturbing as hell. And it is guaranteed that you won’t be able to watch it more than once. It is about a doctor who kidnaps people and surgically ties them butt to mouth to make a giant human centipede. Gross!


5. CUJO (1983)

While “Cujo” is not one of the scariest movies that are out there-there is definitely something terrifying and disturbing, as well as sad, about it. Watching a movie about a lovely family’s dog that loses its mind and starts attacking its owners is not something that you would want to see a second time.