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5 Household Items With Toxic Heavy Metals You Would Never Expect!


Most people believe that heavy metal poisoning is a thing of the past. After all, lead pipes and lead based paints were banned decades ago. You can hardly come across heavy metals like lead and arsenic in a modern day house, right?


And we are not talking about pesticide contamination here. While food has (and continues to be) a source of heavy metals due to the widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, our concern is with those innocuous household goods that are subtly exposing your body to these toxic metals.

For while you can avoid harmful substances in your food by switching to organic produce, there is precious little you can do about the unknown poisoning that occurs due to otherwise benign products that you use every day without knowing any better.

So without further ado, here is a list of five household items with toxic heavy metals that you would never have expected.

Ceramic Utensils

All of us have a few ceramic dishes and bowls at home. They look good, are easy to clean, and do not cost much, making them a favourite serving option for householders all over the world. And while ceramic itself is inert, the thin layer of shiny glaze added to these utensils often contains lead and cadmium

Aluminum Cookware

Aluminum cookware is light and cheap, and conducts heat pretty well. The only problem is that it is made of, well, aluminum.

When brand new, the aluminum hides behind a coat of anodized aluminum that prevents oxidation, protecting your food from contamination. But after sustained use, the coating inevitably breaks down, exposing your home cooked meals to aluminum poisoning.

Aging Furniture

The situation with furniture and mattresses is the same as with the ceramic plates; while the product itself is harmless, the chemical finish coating its surface is not. With the passage of time, the chemicals start breaking down into their harmful components, which includes several toxic heavy metals.


No, we are not joking. Carpets are surprisingly good at trapping dust and other small particles in the mesh of their fibers, gradually releasing them into the air. Every time you come home, your carpet keeps adding to its extensive collection of heavy metal residues (among other pollutants). It’s tenacious hold cannot be countered by vacuuming, so the best option is to simply keep your shoes as far away from carpets and rugs as possible.


With the ever rising prices of precious metals like gold and silver, many of us turn to decorative jewelry as cheaper alternatives. While easier on the pockets, such pieces often use cadmium; which is a highly toxic heavy metal.

Have Heavy Metals Entered Your Body?

The chances are, you have already been using many of these products for years, if not decades. While these metals are not particularly harmful at trace quantities, higher concentrations of these toxins in your body can lead to detrimental effects.

To verify whether you have heavy metal poisoning or not, carefully go through the symptoms. Children, especially, are far more vulnerable to such things, and should be checked over properly. And if you find yourself (or anyone in your family) exhibiting any of these symptoms, contact a medical professional immediately.

Remember, the sooner you can get these toxins out of your system, the lesser the chances of suffering any permanent damage.