As the global consciousness rises, more and more people tend to take time for themselves, to be alone, to listen to the beautiful silence within. Not long ago, if one was purposely isolating himself, he would have been treated as depressed, sick, and maybe even labeled with some psychological disturbance.

This is why it is very important to understand that not all people have the same personality type.

The first psychologist that made very clear distinction of two basic types of personalities was C.G.Jung. He discovered that people, in essence, can be energized by two types of settings: the external world – naming them extroverts or by the internal world – introverts.

While the extroverts wants to put their mark upon the world in loud, dynamic way, the introverts tend to spend their time living in their own inner world and if they do want to leave a mark in the outside world they do this quietly, in peace, and acting from their seclusion.

Though in todays modern world the extrovert ones take the lead, there are actually some very beneficial qualities that one can learn from an introvert person. Here we shall name 5 of their beautiful traits.

1.More effectiveness in independent activities

Introverts tend to enjoy very deeply in the silence and wisdom of their own thoughts. This kind of calmness brings out all hidden creativity and helps to finish the work with more “deep-insight” into it. Artist, inventors, writers, spiritual teachers, great composers are usually introverts.

So if your task (no matter what it is) requires an in-depth realization and a great deal of creativity and individualism, being little introvert will bring best results.

 2. Effective Listening 

Other quality that introverts have is that they know how to listen and they do indeed “listen”. Oppose to the extroverts that have continuous thought flow and very rarely listen to what others have to say, introverts mind is a beautiful meadow that doesn’t have any chaotic thoughts to disturb the peace within.

This is why they are truly good listeners and if one wants to be a good friend, good spouse and co-worker he should know how to listen. Being able to listen means respecting the opinion of the others and in return we also get to be respected. Introverts do not speak much, and if they do, then it is because they have really something to say.

This trait of theirs helps them to be good political and especially spiritual leaders, best friends and good psychiatrists and psychologists, thus enabling them in any kind of social work with people, especially working with children.

3. Knowing to appreciated seclusion 

This personality trait is very beneficial if your work is connected with meeting deadlines, preparing for big events in very short period of time. Introverts do not have any problem of being alone, they enjoy their own loneliness which is not the same as “feeling alone”.

Introverts do feel alone sometimes, but not when they are intentionally secluded from everything else. An extroverts need all the fuss, all the noise, all the chaos even to think, but more people around means that more needs must be met and usually we are left at the end of the row. But introverts do not have this problem, in their own solitude they find peace where their own needs are met first, and then the rest of the work is done.

So being or left alone one can more easily adjust the focus of their attention on the task, to complete it with minimum flaws. When introvert person works, they tend to finish the task very effectively in only few attempts, so they cope better with deadlines.

4.Take time to explore every new situation 

Unlike the extroverts that tend to speak and act first and then think, the introverts first think things through and then act or speak. Before of their quality to examine their thoughts first, they usually do not end up in wrong situation or situations that do not benefit them.

This is very positive quality that one should implement when confronted with any new situation. One should always think about where the new situation is leading and is it even a positive one.

Never go rushing into any experience, into any situation without first having a clear picture in your head of the consequences of the situation, or at least what are you dealing with.

5. Deeper connection and evolvement 

Introverts rarely enjoy big gatherings, concerts, public shows, but on the other hand they do enjoy private or small gathering with very few close friend, which are particularly selected for the theme of the gatherings. This means that when they make a friendship or any kind of relationship they are fully committed to it.

When you are befriended with an introvert person know that they have chosen you for a reason and after good deal of thinking and examining. And because of this they are deeply connected with whatever they do, they put their heart and soul in every conversation, in every moment with the ones they love and they never gossip or indulge into pointless conversation.

This is why they have greater understanding of people and deeper knowledge and wisdom of everything they have explored and learned.

This being an article for the beautiful traits of the introverts doesn’t mean that the extroverts are less good. Every type of personality if directed to positive things is beautiful and has its own charm.

Nevertheless, the best is if one knows the qualities of both types of personality and use his free-will to mould them into his own unique personality that will help him cope in everyday life situations.