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5 Most Lovable Things About You, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Your zodiac sign, believe it or not, can tell a lot about what our personality is most likely to be like. And, of course, it comes with its own positive and negative sides which make you the person you are.

Professional astrologer Rachel Lang explains that each sign comes with their own unique qualities and personality traits. If you’ve ever wondered what things about you people like the most, here are the top 5 most lovable traits of each sign according to Lang.


1. Charisma: The fiery nature of this sign gives them the charisma they are so abundant with, and this draws people to them like a charm.

2. Passion: “When Aries wants something (or someone), they are unstoppable,” Lang says. “With passion planet Mars ruling their sign, Aries jumps headfirst into any relationship, job, or personal situation.”

3. Love: This passion that seems to be radiating from Aries makes them a very positive sign in aspects of love.

4. Confidence: Of course, because of all that charisma and passion, Aries exude a driven and self-assured energy that can be noticed from miles away.

5. Leadership: “Their take-charge attitude helps them win the love of entire groups of people, as well as that special someone,” Lang says. Their leadership skills are a force to be reckoned with, and people love them for that.


1. Commitment: Taurians love things that are stable and fixed, and this allows them to fully commit to any relationship they go in, once they decide. “This makes them secure, committed partners,” notes Lang.

2. Sensuality: “They are ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure and beauty,” Lang says. “They love spoiling their [loved ones] (and being spoiled) with gifts, delicious food, bubble baths, and anything that pleases the senses.”

3. Refined taste: Taurians have a high appreciation for the finer things in life, and they always have a unique, personal style and the eye for design.

4. Cultured: If you want to hit up an art show or a museum, call a Taurus. “Taurus has a refined aesthetic, and they enjoy going to artistic and cultural events,” Lang says.

5. Practicality: Being an earth sign, Taureans are very practical people and that makes them great problem-solvers. They seem to know the best way to get from point A to point B, and they offer solid advice for making big decisions,” explains Lang.


1. Fun: Their constant wish to try out new things makes them absolutely fun to be with, “and their adaptability allows them to make any situation more entertaining and enjoyable,” Lang says.

2. Communication: Perhaps the most communicative sign out there, “Gemini can talk for hours about anything,” Lang says. “You probably won’t get bored conversing with a Gemini.”

3. Energy: “Highly-charged Gemini can be the life of the party,” says Lang. They are never short on energy, and with it, they will lift up the spirits of those around them.

4. Open-mindedness: Trying out new things comes from their open-mindedness. So, don’t be shy to suggest something they haven’t done before. They’ll love the sense of exploration.

5. Intelligence: “Gemini’s mind is always working, and their intellectual curiosity leads them to discover and learn new things all the time,” explains Lang.


1. Dedication: “Cancer can be very loyal to their families and loved ones, and once they decide to love you, they won’t let you go,” Lang says. Their immense sense of empathy and constant efforts for those they love can make their partners feel safe and secure.

2. Nurturing: A Cancer can make any house feel like home because of their nurturing side. As Lang says, “They are often consummate nurturers.”

3. Ambition: “Like their opposite sign, Capricorn, Cancer can be highly ambitious because they want to provide security for their family,” Lang says. “For this reason, they can be good with finances, too.”

4. Creativity: Cancer is a creative sign. They love creating beauty out of nothing, regardless of whether it’s painting a work of art or decorating their surroundings.

5. Sensitivity: Perhaps the most distinctive trait in Cancer: they will never back down on their emotions, and they aren’t afraid to show you their side.


1. Passion: “Leo loves to love,” Lang says. Their fiery nature and their intense emotions make them as passionate as one can be.

2. Loyalty: “Leo is a fixed fire sign, and they can stay committed even through tough times,” Lang says. “They are extremely loyal to their loved ones.” You can always rely on Leo at any times you may be going through.

3. Optimism: “Leo can have a flair for drama from time to time, but their general outlook is positive,” says Lang. “They are likely to uplift others around them.” They always look on the bright side and they bring in that sunshine among the people around them. You can’t stay gloomy for too long with a Leo.

4. Courage: “The sign of Leo rules the heart, and Leo is heart-centered,” Lang says. “They have courage of conviction, and that gives them the ability to follow their heart’s desires.”

5. Trendiness: “They often dress to impress with their strong sense of what’s in style,” Lang says. You can easily notice a Leo by the way they dress, really.


1. Helpfulness: Virgos are dedicated and loyal, and they like to give a helping hand. “They notice what needs to be done, and Virgo gets it finished, whether it’s a chore in the house or a favor for a friend,” Lang says. “They are generous with their time and energy and love helping others.”

2. Communication: “Virgo speaks their truth, often with tact. You always know where you stand,” Lang says. “Good communication is important for any relationship.”

3. Fun: “Gifted with a sharp mind, Virgo’s intelligent sense of humor, somewhat sarcastic, and quick wit will keep you laughing,” Lang says.

4. In-the-know: Virgos have an impeccable taste, and that makes them a good resource for discovering new and interesting things.

5. Analytical: Their ability to analyze everything to its tiniest detail never fail to impress. “This may not seem as sexy as, say, passion, but all of us love it when someone helps us take care of the details of life,” Lang says. “Virgo can create a budget like it’s a work of art. Their detail-oriented nature is attractive, especially to someone like a dreamy, creative Pisces who can benefit from those gifts.”


1. Generosity: “Ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of relationships, Libra loves love, and they love showing love in various ways,” Lang says. They will never fail to surprise you with a thoughtful gift.

2. Affection: “Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, is sensitive and sensual,” Lang says. “Libra can be very affectionate as a result.” They’ll never say no to a hug.

3. Thoughtfulness: “Libra likes to consider others’ needs, and they can be very thoughtful in relationships,” Lang says. It’s a trait that everyone admires in them.

4. Social: “Libra can be a social butterfly, and they enjoy socializing with friends as well as meeting new people,” Lang says. “Libra love[s] bringing people together, and this makes them lovable.”

5. Charm: Libra’s charming nature blooms from them without any effort. “Libra exudes a sense of inner beauty,” says Lang. “They can have a gift of charm.”


1. Mystery: You can never fully understand a Scorpio, and this makes them a real magnet. “Scorpio leaves you wanting a little more,” Lang says. “They let you in slowly, after they have built up trust. This gives them an air of mystery, which can be very attractive.”

2. Intensity: And passion, too. “Scorpio can be very passionate in intimate relationships,” Lang says. “If you want to go deep, you’ll fall in love with a Scorpio.”

3. Protective: “If Scorpio loves you, [they] will protect you and fight for you,” Lang says. And people who have a Scorpio in their close circle know this all too well.

4. Sexy: Scorpios are full of passion, and they show it without much effort. As a result, people find them to be incredibly sexy.

5. Understanding: “They have a deep sense of understanding, especially about emotional and psychological matters,” Lang says. “They are not afraid of your shadows, and they enjoy understanding your inner workings.”


1. Adventure: The most adventurous sign of the zodiac, Sagittariuses don’t think twice before trying new things and taking others along for the ride.

2. Wisdom: They are truly wise souls, and people can always turn to them for advice. “Sagittarius can be your personal guru. They have ideas to share about life, love, and more,” Lang says. “Their loved ones appreciate their ability to see the big picture, especially during tough times.”

3. Cheerfulness: “Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius presents a positive outlook,” Lang says. “You can’t help but be in a good mood when you are around them. Even if they’re going through a tough time, they find a way to see the positive.”

4. Lucky: “Things always seem to work out for them,” Lang says. “I’ve known a Sagittarius who regularly ends up backstage at shows. She just meets the right person at the right time. If you go out with a Sagittarius, you are most likely going to have fun!”

5. Social: Always open and talkative, they love spending time in the company of the people they love. And others love being with them with their adventurous and cheery disposition.


1. Driven: “Capricorn is goal-oriented and driven to succeed,” says Lang. And this makes them very likable among people who appreciate when someone knows what they want and know how to get to it.

2. Goal-oriented: “This applies to relationships and career, as well as other areas of life,” Lang says. They are known for their ability to set a goal and stick to reaching it.

3. Commitment: “If Capricorn pursues a relationship with you, [they] will go above and beyond to win you over,” Lang says. Once Capricorn puts their mind to something, their decision has been made.

4. Giving: “Capricorn loves giving and receiving gifts,” Lang says. “They work hard to be able to do nice things for others.”

5. Stylish: “Capricorn can care about how they appear to the outside world, and they like for their looks to reflect their success,” Lang says. “They can be very stylish and in the know about fashion.”


1. Open-mindedness: “Aquarius has an open heart and mind, and they are often willing to try new things to benefit a relationship,” Lang says.

2. Intelligence: “As an air sign, Aquarius can have a very sharp mind, and as a result, they often make excellent conversation partners,” Lang says. “They often have technical abilities as well and may introduce you to the latest gadgets.”

3. Compassion: “Aquarius has a gift for understanding what you’re going through,” Lang says. “They have a need to be helpful, and they often have a compassionate approach to life.”

4. Honesty: They will never think twice before telling you things as they truly are. They are very honest, and you can be sure that you can trust them because of that.

5. Social: “Aquarius can have a wide social circle, and they make great networkers as a result,” Lang says. “They are often community minded, and they enjoy spending time with friends.”


1. Empathy: “Pisces can have a gift for understanding and empathizing,” Lang says. This makes them great partners and great friends.

2. Intuition: “Pisces just know, and at times, you don’t even need to use words to express yourself,” Lang says.

3. Romance: “Pisces can be very dreamy, mystical, and romantic,” Lang says. In relationships, they make sure to make a lot of quality-time moments with their partners that are worth remembering.

4. Giving: They will never back down when asked to help, and their humanitarian side can be easily noticed. “Pisces likes to help others,” explains Lang.

5. Humble: No matter how high their qualities are, they will always remain humble. “Pisces has a sense of humility, and because of this, they can let you see who they really are — without ego,” says Lang. “Vulnerability like this is a highly attractive trait.”


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