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5 Simple Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home


Our home is the happiest place on Earth. We should feel peaceful and secure, calm and happy in it. But have you ever felt some vibes of a certain feeling that causes some negativity in you and you can’t find words to explain it?

Has it happen to you to argue with your family or argue with your partner for no particular reason? Or have you felt anxiety and mood swings that cause you lose concentration, reduce your capability or destroy your confidence and your dreams?

That means that your home has been invaded by negative energy. You can’t see it but you can definitely feel it.

Experts say that although, most mental diseases and problems are caused by biological or psychological problems, some mental health problems can be provoked by spiritual factors or negative energy.

In that case a patient won’t respond well on therapy and the problem will just evolve.

Luckily, there are five simple, but really effective methods which can help you cleanse your home and surroundings from negative energy.

  1. Keep Your Living Space Tidy and Clutter-Free

Dirty dishes, things which you no longer use, displaced item and much more can cause that feeling of nervousness and negativity because negative energy needs things to hang on to and remain around. So, make sure that your house, your living space, working space or office are always tidy and clean.

  • Put dirty clothes directly into the hamper.
  • Wash the dishes regularly, never leaving them overnight.
  • Vacuum and clean every room from your home including the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • Get rid of toxic products from your home.
  • Wipe thoroughly windows, doors, doorknobs. Keep them clean and free from dirt and dust.
  • Throw away every old magazine, or any other item which you haven’t used for a long time.
  • Organize your desk and always keep it neat.
  • Organize your cupboards, wardrobes and shelves.
  1. Salt the Carpets

This is such an easy method to remove negative energy from your home. All you need to do is sprinkle a few tablespoons of salt directly on the carpet and leave it for 48 hours.

The salt will absorb the negative energy from your home because it has an incredible built in ability to erase the programming of energy. Just like an eraser would wipe everything from a chalk board.

3-6 table spoons would suffice for a medium size room.

To be fairly certain that you have been totally protected, grind up some saffron and add it to the salt. According to Tibetan tradition, evil energies can’t enter a place which has the smell of saffron.

  1. Use Loud Sounds

Loud sounds, such as loud clapping, bells, drums, chimes, or any similar item will break up negative energy patterns in your home and will allow them to disperse.

That’s the reason why Chinese people love fireworks, while Mother Nature does the same with the noise of thunderstorm.

And just think about it, church bells sound so calming and cleansing, don’t they?

Walk through your home clapping softly with clear and loud sound, or use a ringing bell, singing bowl or chime to send away all the negative energy that’s dwelling in your house.

4. Play Spiritual Music

For the best effect Tibetan Buddhists use the sound of Tingshaw bells, but playing spiritual music from your stereo will work just fine too.

Play the stereo as loud as you can in order to cleanse your home and surrounding and transform negative energy into positive one.

  1. Grow Living Plants

Another useful method of removing negative energy form your home is by bringing living plants into it. There are numerous beautiful plants which will avert negative energy and balance your inner connection with nature.

On the other hand, living plants will also add colour and beauty to your home décor and they will provide you with generous supply of oxygen too.

Some suggestion about which living plants you could put in different rooms to remove negative energy include: money plant, peace lily, rosemary, lucky bamboo, orchid, sage, jasmine, holy basil and aloe vera.

But if you decide to bring a living plant into your home, make sure that you take care of it. Water it regularly and remove dead, dying or dried parts of the plant. If the plant dies, remove it from your house immediately.

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