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5 Most Common Autoimmune Disorders And Their Suggested Treatments


Before getting into the details of the topic we need to understand what autoimmune disorder is all about. To start off we must know that our immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that fight against different types of alien germs and bacteria that attack our bodies. When the immune system is not functioning well that is if there is some kind of abnormal under or overactivity of immunity is taking place it will cause autoimmune diseases. Inefficient immune system activity deteriorates the capability of the body to fight invaders making the body prone to different kinds of infections. The immune imbalance and poor performance produce antibodies that do not fight the infections instead damage the body tissues, cells, joints, muscles, and organs. 

If you register symptoms of autoimmune disorders it is ideal to consult with the best rheumatologist immediately. Find a rheumatologist in Orlando if you are looking for one to get the best treatment in town. 

The autoimmune diseases where a rheumatologist can assist, guide, and treat you…

There are numerous autoimmune diseases to name but the most commonly diagnosed are detailed below.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

This type of disorder is commonly found in females above 40 years of age. It causes inflammation in the lining of joints leading to pain in bone joints especially in the hands and feet. Rheumatoid arthritis can impact other parts of the body like skin, eyes, lungs, and tissues. The treatments are planned to manage the pain to prevent permanent joint damage and degeneration of bones.  

  • Lupus erythematosus

Lupus involves several parts of the body and shares similar symptoms with several other diseases, hence diagnosing the disorder is a bit difficult. This disorder is prevalent in women more than anyone else. The symptoms that can indicate lupus are fatigue, rash on the face, fever, joint pain, and sensitivity of skin with sun exposure.  

  • Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Children under 16 are the most common target of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The disorder causes pain in the joints with varying intensity levels. The disease may get cured in the early age of childhood or might take a few years of adulthood in some cases. 

  • Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriasis is actually a skin disease that can ignite arthritis causing symptoms like pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the joints. This type of health condition can affect any part of the body starting from the fingertip to toe joints to the spine and much more with mild to severe pain.

  • Inflammatory bowel Arthritis

As the name suggests, the disorder is referring to compromised intestinal activity. The disease causes inflammation in the small and large intestines affecting the bowel function with different levels of pain. 

Treatments to reduce the pain and discomfort…

The write-up discusses rheumatic conditions mainly affecting the bone joint areas of the body. There are several treatments suggested by the doctor but the immediate ones to reduce the painful condition can be anti-inflammatory injections, suction of fluids produced in the joints, and consumption of anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and naproxen. If the severity of the disorder continues then the patient can surely go for advanced treatments recommended by the specialist.