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5 museums that showcase jewelleries in London


Every piece of jewellery has a story to tell. With changes in the era and surpassing various milestones in history, jewellery has a high-held significance in all cultures throughout the world. These stories of the aesthetic masterpieces need to be known to everyone. For this sole reason, jewellery museums exist. Jewellery from over centuries, carefully crafted by skilled arts men and designers and made to adorn the beautiful body of ladies are collected and staged behind glass walls for people to see. Some museums showcase rare gemstones, uncut and preserved just as they were found to enhance their natural beauty; while some museums have polishes, cut and exquisitely designed jewellery made out of those raw stones. London has quite a few such museums that absolutely have to be included in a tourist’s must-visit list of places. These are the top 5 ones that showcase jewelleries.

  1. Museum of London – Cheapside Hoard Exhibition

The journey to sparkly history should definitely begin with this as the first choice. Contrary to the name given, the jewellery showcased here is far from cheap. The collection consists of some of the most expensive pieces from the 17th century era. The jewellery collection was established somewhere in the year 1912 and was named after a locality in the city. It consists of exquisite necklaces, finger rings and beautiful headpieces from the Elizabeth era. Among the most popular pieces is the emerald-studded Colombian watch and the scent bottles that are adorned with jewels. The entry to the exhibit costs $10 for adults and $9 for children.

  1. Victoria and Albert Museum

Named after Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, this renowned museum boasts to have one of the largest collection of jewelleries in the whole world. It showcases a whopping 3,000 jewels and jewellery pieces from the historical period to this one. The display includes jewels from the Royal family itself. There are diamonds that once belonged to Queen Catherine of Russia and emeralds that were once given to the family by King Napoleon. The gems housed here have over the years proven to be an inspiration for many jewellery designers to make engagement ring London. One can also see the mesmerizing pendants that belonged to Queen Elizabeth I. What’s more is that this museum also offers you a chance to understand and learn more about how these jewels are actually made and know their history. The entry to this museum is absolutely free of cost.

  1. Jewel House – Tower of London

The striking feature of this exhibit is that it houses the most expensive of jewellery collection of all times. The collection has been showcased since the 14th century and contains pieces from the Royal family as well. The most renowned piece that people mainly come here to see is the Imperial State Crown. This beauty is studded with 3,000 gemstones and is one of the most magnificent looking crown in the world. Another famous attraction is the Kohinoor Diamond from India. Few other priceless item include the golden anointing spoon and the crown of St. Edward which was given to Queen Elizabeth for her coronation ceremony. Jewel House in indeed a place to top on your itinerary. The entry fee is $21.45 for adults and $10.75 for children under 16 years of age.

  1. The British Museum

Although the British Museum is not a dedicated jewellery museum, it houses ornaments from the 5000 BC period in Great Britain. There exquisite pieces comprise of heavy studded necklaces, earrings, finger rings, brooches and tiaras. There is quite a lot of other things to see here, however, the jewellery section will surely be eye-catching for the gemstone lovers. The British Museum takes no charges for entry and is free to adults and children alike.

  1. Bath Fashion Museum

The last one of this list isn’t as big as the others but surely worth a visit. It showcases jewellery pieces from the 18th to 21st century period. The collection is considerably compact of about 1500 pieces. However, the variety is quite striking. One gets to see a lovely assemblage of gem-studded and gold ornaments such as tiaras, hat pins, bracelets, delicate necklaces and breath-taking pendants, etc. Most of it is majorly from the 19th century and is costume jewellery. The entry fee to this exhibit varies according to the age of the visitors.

In conclusion, bling lovers will get an absolute treat to their eyes visiting these exhibits. However, if the temptation turns into desire, then a trip to Hatton garden jewellers London will be cherry on the cake. It is one of the most popular places in London to shop for ornaments, jewelleries and add the missing sparkle in life.