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5 Phrases Sociopaths And Narcissists Use To Control Others


Being a narcissist is not the same as being a sociopath. Although we tend to think of these words as synonyms, they’re actually not. A narcissist doesn’t have to be a sociopath, but all sociopaths are narcissists. Both of them use manipulation to make themselves superior to everyone else.

However, narcissist don’t usually need to have control over other people’s lives. They just want the attention of the others because they are selfish. On the other side, sociopaths use manipulation because they want the control.

It’s amazing how capable these people are at manipulation. They’re so good, many people just don’t realize that they facing a sociopath or narcissist and start to reconsider their own principles about certain things because of their influence.

How can one recognize a sociopath or a narcissist? These are some of the phrases they use to make themselves superior and to take over the control.

  1. I really hate drama

Even if they say this, you can be sure they don’t mean it. In fact, they are the ones that cause all the drama, but always end up looking innocent at the end. They enjoy fighting, although they will repeat several times that they avoid it. They even like when other people fight.

When they’re fighting, they always put the blame on the other person and accuse them of making the drama, even when the other person talks about the problem in a calm way.

No matter how supported your statements are, they will probably win at the end thanks to manipulation. At the end, the other person always feels like they’re the one to blame.

  1. You are…

… overdramatic, paranoid, jealous. Their objective is to make you feel bad about yourself and lose your confidence. After a while, the opponent starts believing the words of the manipulator.

They want you to start believing their accusations and feel bad. That’s how they take over the control over you. It’s much easier for them to make you their puppet if you’re vulnerable and have low confidence.

  1. You are so emotional

Similarly as the previous phrase, the manipulator wants to make you feel bad about yourself. So, they will start to criticize you, when you’re alone and in front of others.

If you confront them in any way, they will calmly tell you that you’re being too emotional and you’re overreacting. They just test your limits this way.

  1. You didn’t understand me

Narcissists and sociopaths will lie just to be right. They will put the blame on you and criticize you, but they will also deny it if you accuse them.

They will never admit that they were not right, no matter how hard you try. Finally, they will be so persistent that you will start doubting yourself and end up apologizing, again.

  1. You are nothing without me

This is the final stage of the whole process. After they have made you doubt yourself and took over the control over everything you do, they will feel confident enough to tell you that you can’t live without them and you will believe it.

Your low confidence and feeling of insecurity will reinforce the feeling that you need them in your life. So, even when you decide to end it, they will just tell you that you need them and you will agree because you will be sure it’s true.

A relationship like this can last for years if the victim is not strong enough to put an end to it. Isolation from them can be helpful, but also an honest talk to someone you trust.

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