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5 Potential Signs of High Blood Pressure


If you have high blood pressure, then it’s very important that you receive treatment from your doctor. High blood pressure has long been considered to be a “silent killer.” Many people have high blood pressure and don’t realize it since the symptoms are not always obvious, but there are still some potential signs that you might recognize. Take a look at the following five potential high blood pressure symptoms or signs listed below.

  1. Dizziness

Dizziness is not a symptom of high blood pressure necessarily, but it’s certainly something that can result from really high blood pressure. High blood pressure puts people at an increased risk of having a stroke. Dizziness is one of the signs that someone could be having a stroke, so feelings of dizziness should never be ignored. If you’re feeling dizzy, then it’s going to be best to get checked out by your family physician to determine the cause.

Remember that high blood pressure has the potential to cause significant cardiovascular complications. It could have a bad impact on your heart, so don’t ignore any signs that could be high blood pressure related.

  1. Bloodshot Eyes

Have you noticed that you have been developing bloodshot eyes more often lately? This could be a sign that you have high blood pressure. This isn’t a condition that is directly caused by the high blood pressure, but it is a common sign of high blood pressure or diabetes. It’s a good idea to check with your doctor when you notice that you have bloodshot eyes more often than usual.

  1. Facial Flushing

Facial flushing is one of the high blood pressure symptoms that you should watch out for. This will happen when the blood vessels in your face dilate. This can occur when your blood pressure is higher than usual, but it isn’t the direct cause of the facial flushing. Even so, it’s something to look out for as a sign.

  1. Headaches

Some people will start getting headaches when they are developing high blood pressure. This isn’t going to happen to everyone, though. Many people will experience no apparent symptoms, but try to be mindful about whether you’ve been having more headaches than usual. It is possible that this could be a high blood pressure symptom that needs to be addressed.

  1. Irregular Heartbeat/Chest Pain

If you’re experiencing an irregular heartbeat or chest pain, then please contact your doctor immediately. As mentioned earlier, high blood pressure has the potential to lead to severe cardiovascular complications. If you’re feeling strange at all, then it’s best to have things checked out by your family physician. You should never ignore problems such as chest pain or heartbeat irregularities.

In Conclusion

Remember that blood pressure symptoms or signs are not always going to be easy to spot. This is a condition that can go unnoticed for years and it can cause you significant harm. If you work together with your doctors, then you can find a treatment plan like PreCardix that will work for you. It’s possible to manage your high blood pressure properly to keep yourself safe, so please talk to your doctor today.