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5 Rare Personality Types – Find If You Are One Of Them


Every person is different with a unique personality. And even though there are no two personalities that are the entirely the same, some of them are more common than others.

While you can almost immediately tell whether someone is an extrovert or an introvert, some personality types are so rare that you can’t easily find them among people.

Below is a list of 5 such rare personalities. Find if you are among the rarest people who possess them:


While it is true that we never stop learning until we die, not many of us can say they learn with the same passion and vigor as they did while they were growing up. Most of us stop learning willingly when we get in our 30s because we feel that we are established enough. It is true, we have our careers, families, and enough knowledge to know how to handle our day-to-day challenges.

However, life learners are people who never stop learning. They learn passionately, with a great amount of energy and enthusiasm. They are curious about the world around them, keeping themselves informed about different topics. Because of this, many call them ‘geeks.’  These masters never lost their childlike curious nature and excitement about learning new things.

The life learners are rare for many reasons. One is that they are not afraid to make a mistake. They are not afraid of failure or making a wrong decision. They can pick themselves up quickly, learning valuable lessons from every mistake they make. The second reason they are rare is that they don’t fear the unknown. They prefer more the excitement from experiencing the unknown than the stability a (mediocre) life offers.


A balanced or harmonized person is not someone who is in a Zen state, but a person who always falls in the middle when it comes to personality tests. This means that they are in the middle of both extremes, they have the qualities of both, but they are balanced. For instance, if they take a test to find whether they are an introvert or an extrovert – they would be somewhere in the middle because they have the characteristics of both introverts and extroverts.

This personality type is rare because these people are in the middle in terms of ‘feeling’ and ‘thinking’. Many people are more one than the other. For instance, when faced with making an important decision, those people who are more ‘feeling’ than ‘thinking’ will decide to follow their gut feeling. Contrary, people who are more ‘thinking’ than ‘feeling’ will make a logical decision. Balanced and harmonized people are able to do both things because they don’t have a dominant side.


Consistency in people is a rare quality nowadays. Moreover, those people who are consistent are considered to be among the rarest personality types. Because the truth is, we are all sometimes ego-driven and prone to change.

Consistent people are a type of their own because they can maintain their personality intact. For example, if the person is generous they will stay generous their whole life no matter what happens to them. Their personality is not affected by the change of circumstances or social norms.


The majority of people cannot stay focused or concentrated for longer periods of time. An average person’s brain will usually begin to tune out after 60 minutes of collecting new information.

Focused people, however, can stay fully concentrated for even more than 8 hours reading or focusing on completing a single task. For example, when reading, they are not just reading for the pleasure of it, but they are actively engaged in processing the text.  


Ordinary here doesn’t mean that the person is ordinary, but they have a laid-back view of life and are okay with everything that happens to them. This quality is rare because not everyone can be happy to be living an ‘ordinary’ life. Most of us want to be special and recognized.

While many reading this article will start looking for specific things that make them rare, ordinary people don’t care about that. They don’t care about being recognized or being considered special. They are truly content with their lives and this is what makes them rare. Many people nowadays are always looking for ways to change their lives because somehow, they are not entirely satisfied.

Ordinary people are completely satisfied with the way their life is – this is what makes them extraordinary.