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5 Reasons Why You Should Make Meditation Into Daily Practice


Be your best Self and you‘ll create your best Life

There is an old Zen saying that goes like this: “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour.” This is a great Wisdom that we should have into consideration if we want to be happier, healthier and peaceful.

Usually when people hear the word meditation they automatically think of solitary living, ascetic life or just sitting in one spot, doing nothing and immensely trying not to think, or they just see the whole practice as total waste of time.

But, when one starts exploring what actually meditation is, one sees very clearly that it is not relaxing, nor pretending to be peaceful in your appearance while inside you are timed bomb.

Meditation is training the mind to help it find strength and skills it needs to solve daily problems! Meaning meditation is done by being fully alert of everything inside and outside of us.

And in the process of meditation you don’t have to take anything from anyone else, you don’t break anyone’s free-will, you just re-gain your own perfect divine characteristics that you forgot you have.

And here are 5 of these beautiful characteristics that you give to your Self as a present while you practice meditation.

1. Brings back your inner peace 

When we practice meditation we clean our body, mind and soul from all its dirt, from all the debris that we have collected inside ourselves. Every single day we do our daily chores, we go to work, hang out with friend, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we are stressed, angry or we cry.

And along doing all this we become magnetized with positive or negative energy that at the end of the day, when our mind begins to switch off we start to feel this heavy daily burden. And as every human we too want to rest our heads upon the pillow and sleep a deep, peaceful sleep.

But this also means that before we go to bed we must de-energize, we must put all our problems away, leave all the stress outside and try to hear the beautiful Silence within.

During the practice of meditation we can clean ourselves up from all the negativity, past, present and future. Meditation is like an inner shower of golden sunshine that purifies us and keeps us in perfect balance and peace.

2. Increases your self-awareness  

We are all creatures of habit, especially in the way we think. And we tend to think a lot, all the time, no pause, no time for any recollection of the thoughts that have gone by. This is why some of us have very much trouble with memory and concentration.

We just think too much and we don’t have time to analyze the thoughts we do think, we don’t even know which thought we have been feeding, and believe me the thoughts you feed, eat you in turn.

Meditation can pause this thought turmoil and put your mind on a hold. And in this time lapse you can finally see which thought is actually yours, are they even good and positive, do they bring peace in your heart or just anger and confusion.

When we are in meditation, our mind becomes a vast ocean of clear consciousness in which we can see what kind of thought are rising within, and in this state of awareness we have time to change our thinking blue-print. Thus being in meditative state of mind we achieve perfect awareness of who we are and what kind of thoughts we let in.

3. It grounds you 

Being in meditative state literally grounds your Self deep into Mother Earth and into your present incarnation. When one is perfectly grounded he is unbreakable, but flexible.

Being grounded means that you have re-connected with you earthly life once again, that you don’t go against the wind anymore, but have learned to trust and follow your own Path. Meditation helps you to attain deep roots and still move freely forward wherever you want.

4. Increases your consciousness 

We all have consciousness, but sadly some of us never explore it or evolve it. With meditation you get to live your life in full awareness of your inner and outer world, and thus becoming more conscious about every little thing around you, your thoughts and most of all about who you are.

This is done because during meditation the sub-consciousness is lifted up and the above-consciousness is lowered down and all the three levels of human consciousness are being rejoined at the level of your present consciousness and by doing this you remember of all that you are and make your Self able to transcend into higher realms of the Universal Wisdom while you are still incarnated.

5. Increase your fulfillment in life 

You should know that meditation has no aim, it is a Way, a Path! The absolute Wisdom and the re-connection with the One Source are achieved while we diligently practice and live fully awake. It is an ongoing process of Becoming of who you really are.

Since meditation is a process, the moment you start walking on this Path you must practice each day, read all those books and scriptures about this way of living with discipline and full attention. So while you are meditating you are transforming your Self.

Every day of the rest of your life becomes filled only with simple and necessary discipline which brings you more and more closer of becoming your Highest Self!

Remember there are much more benefits that you gain from the whole process of meditation, no matter which kind do you practice. But the most important thing is that with meditation you can attain your inner and outer peace, which I think is the most important thing at the end of the day.