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5 Reasons Why People With High Emotional Intelligence Are Happier


Emotional intelligence is the key to good communication with others and with oneself. Understanding emotions and learning how to manage them is essential in a world that depends on social interactions, and people with higher EQ are generally happier because of this.

Here are 5 reasons why people with high emotional intelligence are happier.

1. Increased self-awareness

People with high EQ know how to use their emotional antenna to better understand their surroundings and fit better in social circles. They are mindful of the give and take of the conversation, and they are more aware of their place in the whole setting, making them feel connected to a greater collective and thus feel happier.

2. Ability to properly manage one’s emotions

It’s not only that they are able to recognize and understand their emotions, but they can also masterfully manage them in a manner that is most fitting to the situations. This sense of presence with oneself and the knowledge of what exactly is going on inside and how that relates to the outside world gives these people a sense of greater happiness in general.

3. Increased social awareness

A happy mindset is a flexible mindset, especially in terms of how you manage your emotions around people and how you affect their emotions. People with high EQ can easily recognize the emotions of others and act accordingly so as to respond to their emotional needs. They know how to lift the spirit of others or help them calm down in situations when it’s most needed.

4. Increased empathy

It’s not only that they can recognize the emotions in others – emotionally intelligent people possess an innate sense of empathy and they are able to step into people’s shoes. This empathy allows them to be more connected to people and develop deeper responses to those who need reinforcement and consolation.

5. Being better engaged

Being better connected to people in general, emotionally intelligent people can easily prioritize what they are paying attention to and how they react, giving appropriate feedback to the situation and achieving, in general, a better engagement in the whole communication process.

All these traits make for a person who knows how to connect with people and understand them on a deeper level. This allows emotionally intelligent people to bond better and get less disappointed because they manage to achieve relationships that garner the love and respect of others.

This sense of fulfillment with oneself and with others unquestionably makes for a happier life.


Source: HuffPost