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5 Reasons to Use Instagram for Marketing Your Brand


Social media has become essential to many people’s daily lives. It is used as a means to learn about current affairs, network with people, and even as a form of entertainment. You can watch cute cats and find term papers for sale, follow presidents and local bakeries. It is something that is constantly within the reach of one’s fingertips.

Oftentimes, companies and brands prefer to advertise themselves using traditional methods such as through advertisements on the TV or billboards. But it is now time to step out of that comfort zone and explore the world of social media marketing. 

This is not only much less expensive but also has a much wider, even international reach. Of the most widely used social media platforms, Instagram is one that stands out. Primarily a site to share picture and videos, Instagram promotes a sense of aesthetics and is widely popular among the younger generations.

Using the right social media marketing strategies for your posts, you can get the desired organic Instagram growth. In order to get professional assistance on this, you can check out websites such as Gleam and Iconosquare, or even hire a social media manager.

But why should you use Instagram for marketing your brand? Here are the 5 top reasons.

1. Gain a Wider Audience and New Customers

Being one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, promoting your brand on Instagram gives you access to a huge international audience. Play your cards right, and you will be able to drastically expand your company’s reach using Instagram. (1)

There is enormous scope with social media marketing, and along with it comes a huge competition. Stay creative with your posts and the way you engage with your audience and customers. You can also hold competitions and giveaways to attract more customers.

2. Create a Relationship with Customers

Having an account on Instagram leads to much more direct interaction with your customers than a website. Interact with your audience by replying to their comments, asking them questions using stories and posts, and replying to their Direct Messages.

Take their suggestions seriously as it will help you to improve your brand and keep your customers happy. A successful company is one that puts its customers first. You can also go Live and talk about your brand to give your viewers an inside story and a behind-the-scenes view to the company as this helps them to trust you more.

The more personal you get about your brand on Instagram, the more popularity you will get. Everyone loves to hear inspiring anecdotes and the stories behind successful businesses. So, make sure you give your audience that.

3. Get More Traffic on Your Website

Using your Instagram account, you can direct your followers and people who view your posts and feed to your website. This increases the traffic you would get on your website otherwise by many folds.

Another advantage of having an Instagram account like https://upleap.com/ for your business is that your happy customers can tag you in posts and stories, which leads to more people checking out your account. Intrigued viewers will want to learn more about you and will hence visit your website. 

According to Hootsuite, 75% of Instagram users will check out the websites of accounts that post advertisements. So, remember to add your website as a part of your Instagram bio to further boost your business.  (2)

4. Create a Network

The chances are extremely high that you would find multiple like-minded businesses and prospective partners on Instagram. Using the platform, you can network with all of them and this will also help your business by means of facilitating joint ventures or other collaborations.

Similarly, you can also attract new talents to your company through Instagram. Potential employees may come across your posts and feed, and get interested to work with you. This way, you can easily recruit new employees who are genuinely interested in the company culture and brand of your organization.

5. Keep a Track of Your Competitors

Apart from clients, employees, and partners, your competitors are also present on Instagram. Being on this platform definitely gives you an edge over those who are not, and you can also use this social media to keep a track of what your competitors are up to.

This helps you to stay constantly updated about the market and how you rank among other similar businesses. You can also get new ideas on what type of content to post by checking out your competitors for inspiration.

Stay a step ahead of your competitors by regularly checking up on trends in your niche to be the first one to post about them. Customers prefer those accounts that are always up-to-date with the latest trends. If you create an image for yourself as being the first one to learn about trends, then more people will depend on your account for new updates.

You can make the most of your Instagram business account by adopting simple marketing strategies and being consistent about posting on the platform. Keep your viewers entertained by inculcating unique ways to market your products and services and keep them coming back for more. 

Instagram provides you with a huge customer base, and it is up to you to convert potential customers to regular ones. So start your Instagram journey today and create a successful business with ease.