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5 Signs You Are Dealing With A Complete Psychopath: If You Notice No 4, Run!


As much as you may try to imagine what a psychopath would look like, the truth is that they don’t tend to stand out in the crowd. In fact, you may be surrounded by some even right now, without being aware of their dark side.

This is because their specialty is mind games, and they play them well. Even if you feel something odd in the way they manage to dominate, manipulate, and even abuse you emotionally, they have a way of covering everything up so that you forget that hunch.

How do you know if you are dealing with a psychopath?

Psychopaths have the ability to wrap themselves in a very charming illusion, which will make you think that they are one of the nicest people you’ve met. By creating an image of themselves that you would prefer to see, they manage to make you think very highly of them.

However, beneath the fair façade, psychopaths are usually very insecure and they carefully plan their moves 100 steps ahead. They are great at pretending, which will make you think that they enjoy every bit of your conversations.

However, they use their excellent manipulative skills for a personal gain, be it money, sex, fame, you name it. And you while you won’t be able to notice their dark side when they are nice, some common habits that can be noticed usually pop out while they are engaged in an argument, or a negative setting.

If you notice these 5 signs, there is a very high chance that you are dealing with a psychopath.

  1. Excuses, half-truths, and lies

It’s not that people don’t lie – we all do from time to time. What makes a psychopath different is the intensity and the frequency of the lies they tell. It’s not uncommon for them to make fake promises, or gossip others and make up lies about their behavior.

Bearing in mind that the psychopath will serve their own interests, all these lies should serve to their own end. If you notice that someone is overly engaged in this kind of behavior, the chances are that they are far from OK.

  1. They like patronizing and looking down on you and others

Due to their low self-esteem and insecurity, the psychopath will do everything to make you feel less than them, so that they feel bigger than you and dominate you. They will do this by pushing the right buttons to make you feel insecure.

In the end, you will find yourself apologizing and feeling sorry about things that may be far from the reality you’ve been certain of.

  1. They are typical hypocrites

Trying to charm everyone, even those that they have so eagerly gossiped just a minute ago, they will do their best to put on a pleasant and friendly show. They aren’t led by the ‘moral compass’ they are trying to portray, and this allows them to stay on good terms even with those they have hated moments before they appeared.

If they feel that they are dominating you enough, they will even make a fool out of you in front of others and judge you for any mistake that is rather natural to make.

  1. They have many sides to them

The psychopath is never consistent in their behavior and mood. Instead, they use a variety of personae depending on what the situation requires. They can turn from a meek and lovable lamb to a complete bitch next time they see you.

While it can happen to everybody, the difference with psychopaths is that their swings are contradictory to each other and don’t fit into one personality frame. They can be obsessive and play the victim at the same time, or they could be most affectionate toward you and then turn their back on you the moment someone else is around.

  1. They are drama queens and like playing the victim

Psychopaths don’t like to take responsibility for their own behavior. Instead, they tend to toss the blame to others and avoid admitting their fault at all costs. They will do everything to convince you of their filtered part of the story and will deny every fault they may have in it.


Psychopaths are very good at making you feel low and unworthy. You need to be aware that this is something stronger than them and that you shouldn’t take it personally – they don’t choose the targets, as everybody is their target.

You need to be very aware of the fact that they will do everything to manipulate you to get out of the situation and have you take all the blame for their mistakes. And they are very good at manipulating others, so don’t underestimate them.

Their toxicity is something that will eventually drain you out and make you feel worthless and insecure. It’s best that you try to avoid them and keep them out of your life. Otherwise, they will bring you nothing but unnecessary drama, negativity, and trouble in your life.

Did you manage to recognize this behavior in someone you know?

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Source: Peace Quarters