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5 Simple, Safe Training Tips For Time-Poor People


There are never enough hours in the week to get everything done, and usually exercise is pretty close to the bottom of our list. Time-poor people shouldn’t have to accept that they can’t stay in shape because of their fast-paced lifestyle, especially when there are so many ways you can get a sweat on or a great burn through a safe and simple training program. So stop judging yourself for neglecting your gym membership, because we are going to discuss ways you can keep fit without having to change your schedule.

Incidental Exercise

Adding more to the days of time-poor people is not possible and it’s certainly not sustainable. Instead, look at replacing certain activities with a more active alternative that still gets you where you need to go. Could you read the daily news on your home gym equipment? Or maybe if you catch a bus or train in the morning, you could walk to the next stop along your route so that you get some steps in at the start of your day. You can also try a new coffee shop that is a bit further from your work so that you are covering more ground on your coffee run. Incidental exercise is a great way to sneak exercise into your week.

Shake Up Your Social And Professional Formats

When you meet up with friends, colleagues and clients – are you usually in a sedentary format? Well, you are not alone but you have other options in the way you meet and socialize. Instead of breakfast with friends, choose a morning walk instead of somewhere scenic. Walking meetings with colleagues are growing in popularity, so suggest this change to your team and remember to give them enough notice to wear the right footwear! If you feel like you are not getting enough active time in your week, chances are your peers feel the same and will be on board with this idea.

There Is More Than Just Cardio

Many of us don’t have an intermediate understanding of the types of exercise out there and how they can be working for our bodies in different ways. You don’t have to run a mile and get your heart rate elevated for 45minutes – you can also benefit from low-impact exercise. These types of exercises include Pilates and yoga, which center around core strength instead of high-intensity training. If you can’t find the time to get to the mat, you can do some leg raises at your desk, light arm weights while watching television, and anything that activates a muscle group.

Intentional Reminders

There is always dead time in the day, even for time-poor people. If you can anticipate these times of the day, set up some mobile notifications that will go off to remind you that you can do some exercise if the conditions are right. There will be times when you are engaged in other activities, and there will be times when you are free and can use this sacred time to do some squats, lunges, and any exercise that requires no equipment or planning. If you are afraid of being seen or judged, let your peers know what you are trying to do and see if others will join you in this mission. Alternatively, you might feel more comfortable doing these exercises in a private office, bathroom, or even your car (depending on the exercise!).

It can feel impossible to sacrifice social or work time for exercise, but with enough forethought, you don’t have to alter your schedule at all. Like any new habit, there will always be a teething process so be gentle with yourself as you navigate this new routine. You can also speak to other peers who are just as busy but manage to still prioritize exercise and ask how they are doing this – you might learn a thing or two.