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5 Storage Unit Tips for Making the Most of Your Space


Do you know how to make the most of a storage unit? Use these storage unit tips to maximize your space and get easy access to your items in storage.

Did you know that the average household in the U.S. has 300,000 items in it? It’s no wonder then that despite the fact that the average home has also tripled in size, we’re still running out of space.

As a result, storage unit use is becoming more popular, especially for seasonal items like patio furniture or holiday decorations.

The bigger the unit you rent, the more expensive it will be. To save money, follow these storage unit tips to get the most out of your available space.

  1. Organize and Label

To make it easy to find things in your storage units, meticulously organize your boxes. Store like items together, or things that you will use at the same time. For example, pool toys can go with grilling supplies since you’ll be using them both in the summer.

Clearly label each box to help you remember where everything is. Better yet, buy clear plastic tubs so you can see what is inside.

  1. Make a Master List

If you want to win the organization prize (and find stuff with ease), make a master list. Write down every item that goes into each box and number the boxes. When you need to find one item, all you’ll have to do is consult your list and find the correct numbered box.  

  1. Use the Same Size Box

As much a possible, use the same size box throughout your unit. It will be easier to neatly stack and organize when you don’t have to play Tetris with the boxes.

Depending on what you’re storing, stick to small or medium size boxes. Large boxes are great for large items, but they won’t hold up well at the bottom of a stack of heavy items. 

  1. Brick Wall the Boxes

Another benefit to using the same size box is that you can create a brick wall pattern when stacking them.

This a sturdier method of stacking. It’s less likely that your stack will fall over, meaning you can go a little higher. Plus, more weight goes on the sides of the boxes, which is the strongest part.

The best benefit, however, is that when you want to access a box, you don’t have to remove all the ones on top of it first. Simply select the box you want, slide it out and back in when you’re done.

  1. Shelving

If you have many heavy items, you may want to opt for some shelving. Freestanding shelves are great because the company may not allow you to attach shelves to the wall.

Shelves allow you to stack everything up as high as you like without worrying about crushing the items on the bottom. Plus, you can easily access every box from top to bottom.

Choose adjustable shelves so you can make the shelf height just barely higher than the boxes to maximize your available space.

Storage Unit Tips to the Rescue

You may have been wondering how you were going to get all the stuff you wanted to store into the unit you rented.

If you have a ton of stuff, you may have to break down and rent a larger unit. But in many cases, following these storage unit tips will free up enough extra space that everything will fit.

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