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5 Things Every Narcissist Will Try To Do To Manipulate You


Some people are simply much more inclined to narcissistic behavior than others. They have it in their blood and they feel like there’s nothing they can do about it rather than accept it. And so, they spend their lives living inside their cage of deceitfulness and lack empathy.

They latch onto people and they exploit their kindness. They manipulate them with their vile games of gaslighting and they exploit them until they’re completely drawn and oblivious.

So, it is truly important to be able to identify and at least, try to understand the traits of these creatures. We have the right to protect ourselves from such monstrous people. None of us want to experience the wrath of the narcissists and none of us should have to.

For that reason, we gathered some important informations about narcissists and the games they play. I believe it is truly beneficial for all of us to memorize these scenarios in our minds and use them as a caution sign in case we ever encounter a narcissist.


It’s pretty common for a narcissist to hide their true colors under a false self. This is their grand scam. This is how they present themselves to the world and this is how they fit in.

People usually perceive them as charming, sweet and loving at first. That is until the veil falls off and they suddenly find it hard to understand that it was exactly that sweet, loving and charming person that manipulated them into oblivion.

That condition of holding two or more contradictory beliefs about something/someone is called cognitive dissonance.


I believe we’ve all been here. Triangulation, or emotional puppeteering, is the way narcissists usually manipulate other people’s emotions by involving a third party in the relationship.

This usually goes like this: When a narcissist doesn’t feel obligated to solve a certain issue, they manipulate the emotions of another person (preferably someone close to narcissist) and they convince them to talk to the problematic person – the victim.

The main goal is to make the victim feel like they’re not good enough and they have to be more like the third person. The whole thing is about putting the blame on someone else instead of taking responsibility for their actions.


Narcissists could never survive without their collection of puppets who regularly stroke their egos. But, regardless of how self-concerned narcissists are, they are aware that if they want to fit in and continue their quest for dominance, they have to manifest some type of goodwill.

Therefore, to achieve this reputation amongst the crowds, narcissists often embody several identities that will help them please all kinds of people. That is how they get everything they want.


Narcissists are the ultimate emotional predators. They will do everything in their power to cloud a person’s judgement and rob them of their sanity. Whatever happens between them and their partner is never their fault.

It is always the other person who isover-sensitive” and it is always the other person who is “not good enough”.


You know how this usually goes. The first phase is the “honey-moon phase”. They make you feel like you are the best thing that ever happened to them, they shower you with constant attention, they’re incredibly charming, courteous and loving.

And, once you’re in the trap, BAM, it’s over. Suddenly they start to manifest a hurtful, condescending behavior by criticizing every step you take. You are confused because they ignore your questions. Ultimately, that denial transforms into a constant manipulation. You become used to that vicious cycle and you find it hard to differentiate between what’s real and what’s in your head.