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5 Things He Does That Show He’s Truly In Love With You


While men are not that good at voicing their emotions, they’re excellent when it comes to putting them into action. That’s why many women have a hard time determining whether their guy is really into them or he’s just having some good time before he disappears into thin air.

But the truth is, when you’re with a man who is truly in love with you, you’ll never have to decipher his feelings for you. It’ll be all clear. Because when a man is honestly and deeply in love, he shows that through his actions.

He does many things that show his love for you, but here we’ve compiled a list of 5 things that women usually overlook. No matter how surprising they may appear to you, remember that guys think in the opposite direction.

So here are 5 things a man does that show he’s truly in love with you and wants to stick around in your life for good:

1. He attentively listens to your stories and remembers details from them.

It’s not that we’re always interested in every story our partner shares with us. Let’s be honest, sometimes when they’re talking to us about some trivial, ordinary things, we just nod our heads while our mind is wandering off who knows where. Yeah, we’re all guilty of that.

But if your guy attentively listens to your stories and remembers details from them, such as things you did when you were a child, the names of your colleagues,  or information about your family, know he really cares about you.

Irrespective of the topic you talk about, he pays attention to what you have to say because he wants to know everything about you and be closer to you.

2. He likes spending time with your loved ones.

Accompanying you on family gatherings and celebrations may not be an appealing idea to men. It makes them feel uncomfortable and they fear they might find themselves in awkward situations when, let’s say, your aunt starts asking them questions about their life, and especially about you two.

But, to the guy who is really into you, hanging out with your friends and family is not a problem at all. In fact, he wants to get to know them and enjoys spending time with them. Chances are he already sees them as his in-laws, so he wants to make sure he gets along with them.

3. He takes an interest in running errands with you.

Whether it’s waiting in lines in supermarkets, paying bills, or shopping for groceries or clothes, your man often joins you. And this is not because he loves these mundane activities, but because he enjoys playing house with you and he wants to spend more time with you. When he’s around you, there’s no such thing as a boring activity.

4. He likes cooking for you.

He may not be the best chef in the world, but if you often catch him follow recipes to make you a special meal, know he’s really into you. No matter what kind of dish he makes for you, he prepares it with lots of love (even if it’s not that tasty and doesn’t look impressive).

He simply enjoys making surprises for you and those that come in the form of food are undeniably the best. This shows he cares about those seemingly unimportant things which actually mean a lot to you.

He may not even enjoy cooking that much, but he’s willing to do anything to make you happy and to show he’s really worth having him around, even if that means becoming Jamie Oliver’s greatest fan.

5. He enjoys planning special dates and trips with you.

While most guys prefer to do things that just pop up in their mind at the moment and don’t require any planning, the man who is honestly and deeply in love knows that this doesn’t always satisfy his lady’s hopes and desires.

That’s why he plans your dates and trips in advance and carefully plans every detail because he wants to make the moment special. He wants you to enjoy every second you spend with him and make you feel like you’re the most loved, cherished, and important person in the world.

5 Things He Does That Show He’s Truly In Love With You