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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Buddha Statues


If the only thing you are considering while buying a statue is whether it suits your home or not, then there are chances that you might not be making the best choice. Buddha statues come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Each of these attributes contributes to express different meanings.

For example, if it is a standing Buddha statues, it could mean prosperity. Read this guide to understand what you should keep in mind when buying a Buddha statue.

  1. Consider the Types of Buddha Statues

There are different types of Buddha statues you can buy. Many different images are created when depicting the Buddha, as he is not limited to a particular look or posture. Here are some of the most famous statues.

Fat and Happy Buddha Statue

The fat and happy Buddha features half-closed eyes and a serenely peaceful expression on his face. He is adorned with symbols of abundance, power, wealth, and fertility. This deity has an aura of calmness that is transferable to anyone in possession of this statue.

Thai Buddha Statue

The Thai Buddha statue collection includes many significant artisans and Buddhist figures from Thailand over the centuries. These paintings and sculptures depict the lives of Buddha’s disciples and their interactions with common people and religious scholars.

Standing Buddha Statue

A long-standing Buddha is among the most famous Buddha statues since it embodies harmony, peace, and stillness. People admire the serene look of a standing Buddha statue. If looking for a unique gift or souvenir with spiritual connotations, look for a standing Buddha statue online.

Tibetan Buddha Statues

The Tibetan Buddha statues are very colorful and depict Lord Buddha in his sitting posture. The statue is usually made up of clay, fiber, or wood and symbolizes inner peace and harmony. In the sitting position, the feet are tucked with soles touching the body and legs folded underneath the torso. 

  1. The Materials Used in Making It

Buddha statues come in many materials like stone, clay, resin, brass, wood, and marble, so choose one to depend on who you are gifting it to and where they would like to keep it. 

For example, ceramic could not be a good choice if it is inside the home as they’re known for being fragile. In contrast, brass would make a great decision because of its durability and resistance against damages. If you have an outdoor space, then use weather-resistant stone sculptures, which last longer than any other types of stones. 

  1. The Facial Features

The facial features of Buddha statues are the main factors that make people focus on them. People love to buy these statues that have interesting and exquisite facial features. The following parts constitute the facial features of Buddha statues – forehead, eye, eyebrow, cheek, ear lobe, lips, chin, and nose.

Hundreds of years ago in China, people sculpted different facial features on the sculpture of buddha statues by hand without a need for modern technology. But nowadays, people use a computer to complete elaborate facial features more perfectly. 

  1. The Quality of the Workmanship

When you buy a Buddha statue, it is important to check the artistry with precision and detail. Every element of the Buddha statue should be perfect. Statues of Buddha are an iconic symbol of Buddhism, and they should be treated with great reverence. 

  1. How Much It Will Cost You

A cheap Buddha statue should not come to your mind when you want to give it to someone. There are many options online and offline when it comes to buying Buddha statues for gifting. The cost of a Buddha statue can vary depending on where you find one. Also, it depends on the size, material, and pose you prefer in the statue.

Why Gift Buddha Statues?

Experience the calm and serenity that comes from being in the presence of this Buddhist deity. There isn’t a person on earth, regardless of one’s faith, who will not enjoy these beautifully crafted symbols of happiness and peace.

Final Words

Exotic, simple, and fascinating are the properties that make Buddha statues a perfect gift. If you decide to opt for the Buddha statue, you won’t be disappointed with its grace and elegance. Not only is the Buddha statue the most popular gifting tradition across the world, but it also stands as the perfect fusion of art and architecture.

A few people know that a Buddha statue, be it a standing Buddha statue or other types, is a traditional gifting item bestowed upon someone during festivals.