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5 Things to Know Before Undergoing Laser Hair Removal


How can I create an exception when women all around the world hate unwanted hair! So, what do we do, spend thousands of dollars at Salon, regular monthly waxing things, use epilators or shavers? Right!

And probably one thing we all have come across and that’s, why not get rid of these hairs once and for all. Like a magic wand came the technology to rescue, giving us the hope of laser hair removal, that permanent and painless, yet it’s quite expensive.

With laser hair removal comes a list of things that you must know before taking up the big step. Initially, the technology wasn’t as advanced and safe as it is today, so it had several side effects as well, which to date have people delusional about it.

Well, here we have gathered a list of five things you should know before undergoing a laser hair removal treatment:

  1. You should see the technology: many people have misconceptions and misbeliefs about this technology. Before you embark upon this journey of hair removal, you must squint yourself with how the technology works. Firstly it’s not magic, that the machine goes up and down along your legs and you are free from unwanted hairs at once. The hair removal process is a bit lengthy, it’s taken in sessions and requires multiple sessions.
  2. Is laser suitable for your skin type: although technology has advanced considerably yet when it comes to laser hair removal, lighter skin colour people having darker hairs get it done quickly. Since the technique uses laser light beams to target melanin in the skin to remove hair follicles, thus it’s a bit difficult for people with white, red, blonde or grey hairs
  3. Is there any pre-preparation required: now this is something you need to know? The laser beams target the hair roots, the follicles and tend to render them unable to grow hair again. So for this treatment, you need not wax or tweeze your hair for about four to six months prior. Apart from this, any other form of long-term cosmetic treatment to the area you want to get the treatment for hair removal is not suggested. Even sunbathing or getting tanned is not recommended.
  4. Side effects of the procedure: Yes, there are specific after-effects that you should know, although not precisely side effects, they indeed do occur. Reddening, swelling, and rashes like sunburn on the treated area can be seen for at least a couple of weeks, use f any cosmetics or sunscreen is not allowed in the treated area.
  5. What results in you should expect: Although called the permanent hair removal solution, to be honest, it’s not the truth, the only thing it does is minimize the hair growth to such an extent that it’s hardly visible, more like baby hairs. The entire process to complete might take several weeks ranging from 6 months to a year or more.

Well, if you are still not sure how you are going to respond to this treatment then buy the best laser hair removal devices that are available for home use. Although they are not as advanced or useful as the clinical treatment, it’s more likely to solve your problem at a way lesser cost.