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5 Things To Know If You Love A Person Who Suffers From Anxiety


The worst thing in the world is when someone you love is in pain. You see your partner irritable, restless, surrounded by stress, isolated, alienated, controlled by their deepest fears, expecting the worst to happen. Their heart beats fast, they sweat, have headaches, experience a panic attack.

They can’t sleep and concentrate on tasks because of worries. They are trapped in their own mind. Moreover, it seems like nobody understands them. Your partner suffers from anxiety. Anxiety has put thorny down roots in your love nest.

Being in a relationship with a person who suffers from anxiety takes a lot of patience, empathy, care. Most of all… recognition, willingness for education, and a deep understanding of what your partner goes through.

Here are 5 things you need to know if your partner has an anxiety disorder and how to help them.

1. Anxiety is much more than just worrying and having fears. Take it seriously.

Anxiety is thinking too much, caring too much, a constant battle between the worst demons in your mind. Overcoming this mental disorder is not a simple thing. It’s not a joke or some magic that will disappear whenever you wish. It’s more than “just relax” or “don’t worry too much”.

This is the reason why you should educate yourself about what your partner goes through. If you don’t understand what anxiety is and how this mental health issue affects your partner’s health, you won’t be able to help them.

Therefore, be willing to learn about it as much as possible, read, talk with someone who has the same problem as you, ask for a professional help. Your partner will appreciate your effort.

2. Your partner wants to talk about their feelings. Listen to them.

Even though anxiety has the power to paralyze mind and body, your partner will want to communicate with you… if you give them the opportunity to speak. Listen to what they have to tell.

Moreover, ask them if they are ok, and always show you’re willing to offer support and help. Let them know you are always here for them. However, that doesn’t mean you should push and torture them with questions while they are panicking!

Listen to their needs. Try to understand if they don’t want to talk about their feelings. Respect their alone time. Your partner will be thankful.

3. Their ignorance doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Understand them.

People who suffer from anxiety mostly deal with their inner world. They think a lot, analyze, overanalyze, try to win the battle of their worries and fears. Therefore, they are often absent when they are present.

Your partner loves you and wants to be present; they just get stuck in their mind and feel helpless in their attempts to stay in touch with reality. Remember that. They can’t control or just let it go.

Instead of complaining about their inattention, lend them a helping hand which will show them the beauty of the present moment. Tell them you know they love you.

4. Sometimes, your partner and you won’t be able to cope with anxiety. Accept it and encourage your partner to seek a help.

Your partner may experience a panic attack. They may have a really bad day, and nothing can help them to get into the real track. No matter what you do. It happens. It may bring lots of worries and frustrations.

However, you shouldn’t blame yourself. Remain calm. Try to accept the real situation and encourage them to seek a professional help. Your partner knows you are always here for them. They appreciate you sticking by them.

If your partner doesn’t want a treatment, don’t force them. Be patient. Gentle. Supportive. Try to find what’s comfortable and what works for them well.

5. Anxiety can lead to depression. Try to see the early signs of it.

Some researchers link social anxiety with depression. And while anxiety brings intense emotions and keeps your mind constantly active, depression brings a low energy and slows down everything.

Imagine what will happen if your partner experiences anxiety and depression at the same time! Being torn between two dangers would be a great challenge to overcome.

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. Therefore, it’s very important for you to be aware if there is an early sign of it. You will save your partner’s life.

Loving someone with an anxiety can be difficult. However, never let your partner battle this alone. Face it together. Anxiety is a treatable condition.

Moreover, if you think you can’t make it, don’t be ashamed to seek a help from a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist.

Hope. Believe. Remember that your partner is strong. You should be strong too.